The 2019 Music Thread


Nothing like having Natalie Mering drop a new Weyes Blood song at midnight on a Wednesday…



I was just listening to her! She must have known.

Thanks, t.

Love her lyrics…

If you think you can save me, I dare you to try


Hey, so folks who are more tuned into the music scene probably already knew about these guys, but I hadn’t heard about Greta Van Fleet until seeing them on SNL this weekend.

I gotta say I’m torn.

One one hand, they sound like Zeppelin. I mean, it’s not like “Oh, they are influenced by Zeppelin.” They sound exactly the same. The kid’s voice sounds like Plant. I watched them on SNL and though, “This band is Led Zeppelin, if you replaced Robert Plant with Pippin from Lord of the Rings, and also Pippen sounds exactly like Robert Plant.”

But the thing is, they’re good. The kid can sing, and their guitars are solid.

And Zeppelin’s not making any new music… so it’s kind of cool to hear new songs in that style. Honestly, it’s cool to actually see a new band producing good hard rock.

It’s weird though, seeing them perform, because they are young. And it’s weird to see such young kids play music like this. I’m used to this music being “classic rock”.

Anyway, I figure they are going to be a contentious band since they sound so much like Zeppelin, but I’ve been listening to some of their stuff online today while doing work, and they ain’t bad.


Pretty sure I missed the announcement a year and a half ago and maybe a post, but hadn’t realized that M83 did the music for the Cirque show Volta, with The Change definitely hitting it out as my favorite track:

— Alan


Oh yeah, the number of navel-gazing thinkpieces written about a handful of teenagers who really have their heads up Led Zeppelin’s asses is approaching critical mass.

Man, wait’ll the music press get a load of the no fewer than three Iron Maiden cover bands operating within 150 miles of me.


I’m a couple months late to this performance but, damn, Maggie Rogers kind of killed it on SNL. That first note!


This probably isn’t the place to put this, but I watched the Independent Lens film RUMBLE The Indians Who Rocked the World on PBS.

I had no idea. And how would I given how so much of Native American culture has been erased, appropriated, smothered. We learned a lot from this film and I highly recommend it to anyone with a passing interest in blues, jazz, rock or metal.


Great to have Vampire Weekend back! Been a long wait but this is so gooood.


There’s a new Weezer album…

— Alan


I have been off the Vampire Weekend wagon going back to their second album (which didn’t hit for me, after loving their debut).

I expected to hate this.

Holy shit is that a good song. :)


Echosphere - The Hidden Divine

It’s a nice, meditative listen. Good reading music.


The Mountain Goats are doing a D & D inspired record with the blessings of and coordinating with Wizards of the Coast…and Merge Records.

No idea what this will end up as, but “The coolest cape rock album in years” would be fun.


I dunno, I feel like that particular genre already has a king.

I mean, if you like Thin Lizzie, at least.


So he’s doing a review of his favorite things from when he was a teenager, I guess. The Bible to pro wrestling to goths to D&D…wonder what’s next.

Whatever, I’m sure I will listen to it many times. John Darnielle can do very little wrong in my estimation.


That’s crazy.

I signed up for the Merge Records 30th anniversary vinyl club where they send out random new releases every couple of months. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got that D&D album in the mail.

They recently sent A Merge Group Plays Heroes which is pretty good. Dan Bejar on vocals doing a fine job channeling his inner-Bowie.


I came here to post this. Favorite quote from that article:


Wow, this video plus song were really trippy.


After some major band upheavals (band members in a relationship can be a difficult thing, especially when the relationship ends), the Leisure Society return from a 4-year hiatus with a terrific song and a little different sound.

The chorus is glorious. Can’t wait to hear more. Full double album due in April.


That’s too bad about the relationship but good to have them back!

Sadly, two and a half minutes of Lesiure Society has only aroused my appetite without properly bedding it back down.


New banger from BJM