The 2019 Music Thread


I love that Steve Wynn all but insisted that he be allowed to cover that song – written about what a jerk he was when he was in his 20s – for this project. Wynnie has since become one of the absolutely nicest human beings you’ll ever come across in music, and his sense of humor about this song is pretty awesome.


I always liked that song…didn’t know what it was about, but DS does a great version of it.

Also, on my 2nd listen, I think Rain Parade’s “As Real As Real” might become a favorite. I always enjoy 3 O’Clock songs more when Quercio isn’t singing them.


Teenage Fanclub’s first post-Gerry song, I think.


Really dig the new Potty Mouth track…reminds of the salad days of late 80s/early 90s girlie-pop: Darling Buds, Primitives, Voice of the Beehive, etc. Too bad about that band name. I have a hard time taking a band with the word “potty” in their name seriously.


Wasn’t sure where to post this. It looks like this video was posted this month so technically 2019 music? Anyway, you are welcome.


The surprise new Solange album When I Get Home is sounding very good this morning with its jazzy mood and hip hop beats/bass… plus Panda Bear (!) The short interludes and unpredictable track lengths give the whole thing a nice flow.


New Rolling Blackouts track. They’re pretty much sticking with what got them here: Go-Betweens meets Feelies…though this new song is a little more laid-back. Sounds just fine to me.


New album by The National out May 17th.

Their first song sounds like an evolution of Sleep Well Beast with a mix of The Postal Service. Though it doesn’t jump out and sink it’s teeth into me, I’m excited to hear the whole album.

And for those who may be interested, Coffee and Flowers, a podcast devoted to The National, dropped season 1 - which explores ‘Boxer’.


I love The National. Thanks for the heads-up.


Album is pretty good. I’ve been following them since they were local before they moved to L.A. from MA.


So get this, there’s a new Test Dept album, been like 20 years. Solid mix of synths and metal clanging, with some songs leaning more to one or the other.


Having pre-ordered the new Weyes Blood album, I just got early access to a stream before its release on April 5th and so far, SO GOOD!

Something to Believe is a stunner. The album version is a fully orchestrated epic (like so many of her songs) but this live version with just Natalie and a piano is gorgeous too.

Drank a lot of coffee today
Got lost in the fray
I gave all I had for a time
And by some strange design
I got a case of the empties


Not an album. A song. A really good one, too!


I need to catch up to this thread so much. But Chris Hardy’s description of this song as an “ear hug” is just about perfect.

There’s a video too:


You might remember this guy from a game.

Edit: Compare and contrast.


LOL, I recognize that melody from one of my classical guitar classes either in HS or college.


That would be the original.


That Solange record just feels like such a very cool, chill thing. I actually am really digging having it playing while I do some parts of my work. (Other times I need something a little less ambient…)

And I always forget how often the Rolling Blackouts CF connect for me; like they’re someone I forget about when I’d get pressed on “best record of the year”…but then I look at what I actually did listen to the most and they’re right near the top. This new one is just so effortlessly good.

I need to hear more non-Gerry Fannies. Brave of them to lead with a Ray McGinley track.

And I REALLY wanted to hate Potty Mouth, if only for having the gall to call one of their songs “Starry Eyes”. But damn it’s good.


Just saw that Dick Dale has passed. Saw him play in the 1990s. It was cool.

Can make a pretty good case that Dale and Link Wray were the two guys responsible for hard rock and heavy metal. Dale in particular working with Leo Fender to make bigger and bigger and louder sounds in the early 1960s pushed rock music forward.

And obviously…


There’s a part of my brain that’s convinced that surf rock is just black metal with better production and vocals.