The 2023 20:20 Frame Game

Well, at least I don’t feel bad about missing that one.

Yeah, I thought it was a Hammer Horror thing the whole time :P

Why is “Find” disabled on the movie list? I can’t read 79 pages to see if a movie has already been used :(

This movie should be easy, though the first shot missed easy by 1 second.


Works for me, did you hit Ctrl-F?

Just checked it on laptop and android phone…both worked for me.

It seems like you must have a very locked-down browser situation going on over there.

Looks like you caught it in the middle of a cross-fade. I’m gonna say… Night at the Opera?

Saw that, did you? Wrong movie, but close!


will probably give it away.

A Night in Casablanca?

The fez kinda gives it away, yes?

Indeed, A Night in Casablanca!

Pull something out from under your coat, Dr.

The time (20:20) has finally come.

The Munsters.


Oh yeah, bad boy.

Note: each and every one of these frames is infinitely more interesting to watch than the movie itself.

Over to you, @anonymgeist.

I’d say it was like a Munsters porn parody with all of the porn cut out, but even that would be overselling it.

The new 20:20!

That’s the industrial training film “Procedure in the Event of a Fire Alarm”. This is the famous “don’t stick your hand in a closing door” scene, which, as we all know, was cut from the theatrical release to avoid an NC-17 rating.

If I was going to arrange a scene with that shot it would be something like a dorm room or school. But no actors or action yet, we’ll see where this goes.

Maybe this’ll help?


I suppose you have to go with Hot Tub Time Machine?

Ski School, maybe?