The 2023 20:20 Frame Game

Along those lines, how about Hot Dog… The Movie

Ski School, positively!



Wait, what? I must have been looking at this on my phone, I’ve seen Ski School roughly a hundred times. I should have gotten that immediately!

To be fair, there was a distinct lack of skiing and only a hint of schooling (with an attentive eye) in those first two frames.

If you’re ashamed now, wait until you learn that I’ve never seen it, and guessed this exclusively based on having seen the Always Sunny episode parodying it.

Sorry about the delay. The new 20:20.

Is that Bing Crosby?

She’s not blonde enough to be Fay Wray, so I’ll go Song of Kong.

I wasn’t aware of Son of Kong, but based on the poster, you’re right.


And Kong sings

The kid is not my son!

That’s the one!

The original is probably my favorite movie, but I’ve always had a real soft spot for this quick cash-in sequel on King Kong, released less than nine months after the original. The story is nowhere near as good, but it’s a lot tighter than Kong (which really takes about 45 minutes to even get going, where as this movie is 65 minutes and change, with 50 of that on Skull Island). Plus you’d never know how quickly this was made from the quality of Willis O’Brien’s effects work. As for Baby Kong, he’s forecasting the kinder, gentler giant ape from another Robert Armstrong/Willis O’Brien classic a decade later, Mighty Joe Young.


Mystery Men?


I think that might be the all-time classic superhero epic, Supergirl.

Ohhh, I like that guess.

Ding, ding, ding, it is the Superman spin-off that bombed so bad that the producers had to sell the Superman rights to the Cannon Group. 1984’s Supergirl!




100:100 Peter O’Toole is completely WTF in this movie.


This movie is so bad that Christopher Reeve noped out real quick of his cameo. I got this idea from watching one of my new favorite YouTube channels, Caravan of Garbage, which you have to watch to explain this mess.

But all things said, Helen Slater is 10 times hotter as a brunette than a blonde. Wowsa.

Yeah, Supergirl the movie was… rough. As for Supergirl the character in media, with all due respect to Helen Slater, I prefer Melissa Benoist by far.

If you want good Helen Slater, see Ruthless People.

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