The 2024 20:20 Frame Game


Not Noah.


The Man With The Iron Fists?

Nope, sorry!


Ah, good guess, but nah.

True History of the Kelly Gang? Full disclosure: I did have to Google “kelly gang russell crowe” to get the title. I thought he was in one of those movies, and he is.

That’s the one, thank Jesus!

Directed by Justin Kurzel (of Snowtown and Assassin’s Creed fame), with an excellent cast (Crowe, Nicholas Hoult, Charlie Hunnam, George Mackay, Essie Davis) for what turned out to be a pretty average movie. There are some pretty affecting scenes and cinematic images, however…just not enough of them.

All yours, @crispywebb!


Now that we’re back online tonight, the 4040:


Gee, Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon? That only narrows it down to like 50 movies.

Since I do t recall Grumpy Old Men or Odd Couple taking place on a cruise ship, I’ll guess Out to Sea.

(I admit I could be wrong about the cruise ship, but the 40 gives me cruise ship vibes, and the bunk in 60 looks very ship like as well)

You’ll guess correctly. This and The Odd Couple II are fondly remembered VHS movies from my childhood (sorry to make everyone else feel old). I don’t know how well they hold up, but the bits and pieces I see here and there still feel cozy.



Sail away, @CraigM!

@CraigM, ahem

Portrait of a woman in fire (I hope the title is the same in english as the french original title), I loved that movie, time to rewatch

Portrait of a Frame Unposted

Sorry the last few days have been crazy, let me get the kids off to school and I’ll have one up in an hour.

had some technical difficulties, but here we are


Is that Renfield? Looks like Ben Schwartz as a baddie.