The 2nd best game of 2019: Control

Title The 2nd best game of 2019: Control
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When February 17, 2020

After I finished playing Control, I wrote one of those snooty reviews that talks a lot about subtext and themes and the designer's possible motivations..

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Tom, this entry is the biggest surprise in the list for me. After your review and how much you gushed about Control on the Qt3 Games Podcast, I was fully expecting this to be your number 1 entry for 2019.

Yup. Mind blown, etc. I really expected this to be number 1.

I’m so excited to see the real top pick now!

I still have a hard time believing that the jankmeisters behind Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Max Payne could create anything worthy of a top ten list.

I’m also very curious now on how the game handles magic versus shooting and how on earth it integrates flying into all that. I have a feeling this will be coming to Game Pass at some point, so I’m willing to go in without watching any trailers, etc. After Tom’s review, and this re-review, I’ve definitely got a vivid picture in my head, but it’s still an abstract picture.

Yep I also thought this would be Tom’s number 1.

Tom be all like… MISDIRECTION.



I think number one is easy to guess, and Tom not talking about it is a huge clue. I hope it is what I think it is, because that would mean I gifted Tom his GOTY, and that’d make me this year’s Tom’s @Chappers!

@Left_Empty wait you played a game that released in 2019? ;)

Nope: to GOTYgift the Chappers’ way, you need to gift the GOTY blindly. Only he can do that.

Checks out. Control was also my second favorite game of 2019. We’re basically the same person, Tom. Looking forward your best game of the year article about Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

I hope you’re right because it’s the no-brainer top spot for my decade list. The rest is a lot trickier!

I’m looking forward to trying Control. Never played a Remedy game before either.

I was also expecting it to be #1, even more so because @tomchick usually changes his avatar to his #1 game and his current one is from Control. Huh. I guess something changed late in the making of his list.