The 300 Rated PG

300 for the whole family:


Who calls it “The 300?”

This is a funny idea realized in a mediocre manner.

Wow, is it ever. I can hardly think of a way this could be worse.

This is almost as funny as the pizza matrix from way back when. Ahhhh…memories.

“Are you sure? Was it delivery?”
“No, it was DiGiorno.”

When on earth did you come back, Machfive?

A week or so ago. I was recouping from minor surgery, and needed a nice distraction during the bedrest period.

Well welcome back.


This is either a great joke about the life-threatening illness meme or a bland truth.

I’ll go with the former!


Sorry, it’s merely a bland truth. I wasn’t around for the life-threatening illness meme, though it sure sounds fun!

It’s fun.