The 360 Fall Update Surprise

You can download entire Xbox Games!

Holy moly. Anyone have a list of all the games published by Microsoft for the original Xbox?

Microsoft does:

<edit - big list of Microsoft games deleted, as it is redundant - 3rd party publishers are on the service>

Beat me to it. Snipping list.

I hope this encourages more people to download Phantom Dust!

It doesnt look like it is limited to Microsoft published games anyway - Crash Bandicoot is Sierra / Vivendi. Burnout is EA. Indigo Prophecy is Atari.

So it looks like 3rd parties can access the download service - most of the big NA publishers are on board at launch.

Of course this would mean that all the games to be downloaded need perfect backwards compatibility?

I wonder if making them downloadable makes it any easier to make them BC? If so, it would be nice to see some of the missing BC titles come onto the marketplace… Beyond Good and Evil, Riddick, ESPN NFL 2K5, Gladius, Prince of Persia games, etc.

Can’t you just buy these games for ~$15 with the actual disk anyways?

There is a remake of Riddick coming out next year for 360/PS3. It will never be BC.

Depends on how many stores you’ve got around, the availability of the game in question, etc. etc. There are a fair few Xbox titles I’ve not been able to find for cheaper than £20 - $40 - second hand, and that was on Ebay, and not factoring in shipping costs.

I can’t get excited about this. I probably own damn near every Xbox game I wanted to play. This might fill a hole in my library but that’s about it. They should have spent their time figuring out how to transfer my saved games from my Xbox to my 360.

Yeah this is not as cool as they are trying to make it sound. The back catalog of Xbox 1 games is just nowhere near as exciting as, say, the great console games from the 8 and 16 bit eras, etc.

I’m not sure I’ll be buying many of these, but “Oh snap” for Indigo Prophecy, that is very much a surprise, and an incredible title.

But where the hell is BG&E? Nice that Burnout 3 is an option though, my disc got destroyed some time ago, and I think I preferred 3 to Revenge.

Now can I please get some sort of adaptation option, say, USB, so I can play Steel Battalion on 360, as my Xbox is broken? I paid 200 damn dollars for the game, I want it playable!

I want Phantom Dust!

At one point, you could buy Crimson Skies used for 2 bucks. I think it might be back up to 4.
I find myself wondering if the downloadable versions will work better than the current BC.
Every Xbox game that was BC I ever played really didn’t work that well.
Crimson Skies has graphical and sound glitches.
Fable had an awful framerate.
Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (which I got thanks to Tom) has a framerate that makes it nearly unplayable.

Actually I take that back. From what I’ve seen, Phantom Dust was ok.

Good thing PS3 compatibility (on 20s and 60s at least) actually works and I now play EoD on PS3 instead.

It’s nice, but yeah, I’m also one of the ones who’s already picked the used games section clean of the ones I really wanted, and I don’t think there are too many more that aren’t already covered.

Now make the BC mode play nice with the dashboard, voice channels, etc.!

How big were most of these games on disk? Seems like that 20gb hurts more and more.

It’s nice(if they ever release Phantom Dust & Gladius) for people who never had a Xbox and are getting a 360 now … like me :)

Sounds pretty cool to me since I never had an original Xbox and have only bought one used game to use with my 360’s BC. Makes me even more glad I have a 120 gb hard disk on mine though…

Isn’t the 360 supposed to be backwards compatible? Why is it a good thing that you now have to play $15 to play your old games without poor performance? There is some luxury in not having to dig around for disks and sometimes the games can be cheaper, but I have a hard time seeing this update as anything more than Microsoft admitting that their BC doesn’t work at all.

uhm why do I care about being able to download xbox games on to my 360 console? oh wait, I don’t.

Any game that was ever worth playing on xbox was already bought and played. They really need to stop this regurgitation bullshit and start putting some good new/fresh content on XBLA instead of having 90%+ of it’s XBLA titles as a damned rehash of decades gone by.


P.S. If they truly truly wanted to offer the playing of xbox games off the harddrive (which let’s face it, is really all this is), they should have provided a way for you to “install” your already bought xbox game to your 360’s HD. But my argument still stands. Give me new content not 5 year old bullshit.

Is there some indication that these games are going to run better than the current BC? Are they now running natively on the 360 instead of via emulation?