The 360 Fall Update Surprise

I would trade the xbox downloadable content (neat idea, I already have the good ones though) for a few extras on XBL.

Things like:
Cached database of XBLA games, scores, and achievements - so I don’t have to wait every … single … time … I … switch … games.

Enhanced media playback options - xvid or divx anyone?

Web surfing or channeled equivalent - They co-own MSNBC, why for god sakes haven’t they integrated a news, email, weather, and sports scores tab?

No achievements, no sale. Might as well play from the disk and save the HD space and the expense.

There is no indication that they’re somehow enhanced BC versions - that’s just some wild conjecture by people.

MS really needs to stop selling 20GB drives. They’re only hurting themselves.

But really, I don’t care about this. Does the update support xvid/divx already or what?

This would have been truly a pleasant surprise.


The PS3 is getting it…

Yeah, the 360 is probably getting it too, but maybe they want to save it for the Spring Update, who knows. They usually only like to roll out one big feature at a time.

This would be really awesome if they decided to release Metal Wolf Chaos in the US through this service.

That and made it backwards compatible.

Xbox1 games came on DVDs. You could hold 2-3 of them on a 20GB drive. Shrug.

Too bad it didn’t happen before I bought an Oppo DVD player to do exactly that sort of thing.

If you could access the 360 interface from them, that’d be pretty cool. There are a couple of games I’d like to grab but can’t find locally that I wouldn’t mind paying $15 for.

Neither system will ever see xvid support.

Technically, xvid videos encoded the right way should be playable on any DivX-supporting device. There are ways you can encode them that would make them incompatible though, which is why you’d often prefer the native xvid support.

I think. MPEG-4 has made things…complicated…

I read recently that someone from Divx (the company) accidentally spilled the beans that the Xbox 360 would support DivX during some recent speech. He realized he had said something that was still NDA and backpedaled, but according to the account I read it sounded like it is pretty much a given that DivX support will be in the next update.

And yeah, what Jason and Fugitive said on xvid. The Xvid codec is GPL, there is absolutely no way either Sony or MS is going to put GPL code in their firmware since doing so would mean they have to then release all of the firmware source code under the GPL. But xvid is more or less just an open source implementation of divx (which itself is basically just a marketing usurping of the MPEG-4 branding), so the two are mostly interchangable.

What makes you say that?

If they filled the DVD. I doubt that’s the case.

Xbox1 games range between 2 and 4.5GB, according to NFOrce.

And yeah, why wouldn’t it have xvid?

Read my post above?

Easy answer: GPL.

Do you think Microsoft or Sony would put GPL code in the firmware?

Hint: The answer is no, not in a million trillion years.

I’m sure the DivX code they use will play most xvid content since, as mentioned various times, they are basically two implementations of the same standards, but neither company is going to put gpl code into their systems in a way that it can virally infect the crown jewels. Sony might support xvid under the Linux environment, but there’s not really a reason for them to do anything special there because it should already work.

From what I know of codecs (which is limited), most Xvid encodes are just a normal MPEG-4 ASP encoding - which is what the modern versions of DivX are as well. The PS3 announced that they’ll have DivX support in the future today, so I see no reason why that wouldn’t enable them to use Xvid as well.

Unless I’m missing something here?

Stop editing stuff into it. I hadn’t even realised you’d added all that stuff about the GPL.