The 360 Games You Should Have Played But Didn't

It bugs me to no end that few people played Deathrow. Or that Gladius is all but unknown. Or that Beyond Good and Evil draws more blanks stares than knowing nods.

There were many a lost gem on the original Xbox. And now that we’re a year into the 360, I was wondering what games people thought everyone should have purchased or played for the system but only few did.

Of course, feel free to suggest your own.

I voted for Gun but feel equally strongly about Chromehounds.

Not sure if Saints Row really counts in this category, didn’t that make quite a big splash?

change “Didn’t” to “haven’t yet”. I still want to try Viva.

While I voted for Saints Row (perhaps it was a mistake to include it), I thought Gun was fantastic. And I would have said the same for Condemned if it had more varied gameplay and a plot that is actually resolved at the end… as opposed to the nonsense they offered up.

Comments made about Viva in other threads has made me very curious about that game. Can proponents compare it to other titles? I think part of the reason these games go unplayed and unloved is that people just assume they get what they’re offering and actually don’t.

I wonder if Gun will end up as a budget hit. It ought to.

I really should’ve picked up The Outfit because the multiplayer demo was a blast. I’d imagine by now there are almost no people playing it online though.

Nobody is missing anything by passing on Just Cause, unless you’re looking for an awesome arcade-style skydiving sim


My vote is for the Outfit. Battlefield 1942 combined with Battlezone 1998? Yes, please.

How is that a “lost gem”?

I’ve seen it for 19.99 at a few places now.

Outfit is great where it counts (gameplay)

I greatly greatly enjoyed just cause but it does have a lot of problems.

Unless your running a high end computer Oblivion for the 360.

I’m confused by this poll. Do we just vote for our favorite game? Or do we vote for our favorite game we think the fewest people are playing? How do we know how many people are playing? And why isn’t King Kong on the list?


I’ve never played another game like Viva, so I can’t accurately make that comparison. But that’s because I’ve never played:

The Sims
Animal Crossing
Monster Rancher

That is, I’ve never really played a sandbox world game where you collect things and manipulate them into interesting new combinations.

Jake, here’s the lowdown: Viva Pinata is a more sandboxey version of Harvest Moon, but without the annoying RPG bits.


The thread topic and the poll topic don’t match. :O

High-Def Deathrow would be my ultimate game. That was a simply amazing title.

<edit> and I think Enchanted Arms should be added to the list in place of Saint’s Row.

Haven’t played any of those games; they don’t call to me strongly, except Viva Pinata (which I’ve bought, but can’t play until my daughter gets it for her birthday).

Are any of them RPGs? Strategy games? Quirky platformers that I’ve somehow missed?

How’s the SP experience for The Outfit ? I saw it today at 35$, but didnt pick it up (took Marvel Ultimate Alliance instead).

You did the right thing, Dave. SP in The Outfit is really lame.