The 4-player game of Sol: Last Days of a Star is underway!


Activate: two foundries, one is mine and one is @newbrof’s

But he has no energy so I claim his bonus, and spend 4 energy for 4 divers

Use my Synchronize card for 2 momenta

@Kolbex 🚀

Remember this moment if you end up winning by two points!


I sort of knew you could do this, but had forgotten. Good reminder!

I shall remember this moment on my death bed.

Woo, so much energy. I will launch my “sol” remaining diver off the port bow into the foundry space and then move other diver into the sun and two spaces toward my ship.

@newbrof 🚀

Look at that beautiful radiative layer, laid bare, with no one to plunder it for several turns yet!

Psst, you guys could force @Kolbex to take five more energy and then draw a solar flare! He would lose half his energy! How schadenfreudey would that be? All you have to do is fly back-and-forth through his gates five times before he gets to take a turn, and then do something that draws a lot of cards, and then make sure one of them is a solar flare. Good luck!


The Chick gambit!


I don’t know who that is, but her bangs are terrifying.



Ah, I haven’t watched Queen’s Gambit yet, which is why I didn’t recognize it!

EDIT: Dadgummit, it is from Queen’s Gambit. I thought I was trolling you. But now I know Bill Camp is in Queen’s Gambit, I’m more likely to watch it.


Some scenes of the Queens Gambit are great, and some scenes are a bit 101 your standard drama. The relationship between Liz Harmon and her foster mother was really touching…

I wonder if the relationship between you and your current turn we’re waiting for is also touching.

I will convert 2 divers and build a new gate

fig. A

do it so and then move my mothership 0.1 lightyears ahead.
Draw a card.

@Matt_W You’re next!

@newbrof pick one! You also have a transcend.

@Matt_W 🚀

Move like so please


Two out the inner nose, and they move through the purple gate. Then one moves forward.

@newbrof still needs to choose a card

@Kolbex 🚀