The 4-player game of Sol: Last Days of a Star is underway!

Cue the porn groove.


convert me one Momentum-Tower

I’ll take a procreate.

@newbrof Cluster or Pulse?

@Matt_W 🚀

Cluster, please.

Activate my diver on my diver foundry for two more divers.


Move using Cluster card:

Cluster 1: Red group
Then move 2 blues
Cluster 2: Green group
Then move 2 blacks

@Kolbex 🚀

Move my diver to the black foundry, please.

@newbrof 🚀

I should have 6 MP now with my Tower of Momentum

I use Cluster card and then move like this:


Note: the image below does not reflect @newbrof’s move.

My turn:

  1. Launch 5 divers as shown by the green triangles below.
  2. Move one of the new divers 2 spaces as shown by the white arrow.
  3. Use my Procreate card to gain 4 new divers as shown by the white numbers.
  4. Move my ship forward.

Nice move!


Dig a gate into the Core. Draw three. Choose Pulse.

@Kolbex 🚀

30 cards in draw pile. In upper picture, upper left, the piles with blue stones on them are piles of ten. The horizontal pile will be between 1 and 10. Once we get to 20, I’ll be more granular!

I should have five movement, FYI.

I’ll activate the black foundry. I assume you will take the bonus but if not I will. Then I will play my Procreate card.

I think Matt used my gate, so I take an energy.

Did you check if I gave it to you already?

I’ll use the bonus.

I don’t understand why you used Procreate, as you have no divers on the board. So I’ll wait for further info there.

@newbrof 🚀

And lemme know if you deserve an energy.

Oh right, they don’t go in that spot they go in my hold. I’ll wait, I guess.