The 4-player game of Sol: Last Days of a Star is underway!

Oh my gosh, I don’t know if I can handle this responsibility.

Launch three divers, two off the port bow and one off the port stern.

You handled it!

@newbrof our newest captain, make it so

I like that you respected his orientation preference.

I almost went with 90 degrees. :)

I do the same launch as Kolbex, but then I activate my 2 anti-grav loops to pull my mothership frictionless forward one space.

Thank you that you did not turn my ship 180° in x-axis, which would have been totally wrong.

@Matt_W is u

What a clean solar system! Needs more gates and stations.


Launch 1 diver forward outer and 2 divers forward inner.

You should get to name the star again (as current champ).

Launch one outer forward and move it forward, and one outer behind.

@Kolbex is u

What was I thinking last turn? I’m not sure. I’ll move the rearward diver one away from the core and the forward two divers back one space to where it was.

I wouldn’t dream of it! The honor goes to whomever pierces the sun first. And it’s probably not gonna be me this time.


You want to re-do your first move, it’s okay with me!

If not:


I will never redo!

please create a sundiver fundry here:


then activate my two antigrav prupolsion drives (that resemble scissors handles only faintly) and pull my mothership 0.1 lightyears ahead.

Your move goes to 4

@Matt_W is u

Launch one diver outer forward and move it one space forward.

Move one of the two inner divers one space forward.


Convert: make an energy node, gain one movement

to @Kolbex