The 4-player game of Sol: Last Days of a Star is underway!

Convert the two circled divers to a diver factory in the spot marked by an X:

+1 move

@Kolbex +1 energy done


Make me a gate as fast as you can

Draw a card


You get an energy when someone’s diver goes through your gate. It’s in the purple box in the upper right of page 9 of the official rules.

I’ll take my turn when I get home!

Two divers out the port bow and move them both one space counterclockwise (to the nearer space with the black diver adjacent to the black gate).

What does my card do? Is it a Transcend?

ok, then you should get 2 more energies when I moved my divers through your gate earlier. I don’t know if @Dave_Perkins noticed. It was at the time of The Great Turnorder Turmoil a few turns ago.

You get one energy max from gates:

Yup Transcend! See post 2 for cards.

@newbrof 🚀

I build an energy flower-shaped station right in the face of the sun and then activate 2 antigrav engines and move forward.

Also I draw a card, what will it be? @Dave_Perkins

over to @Matt_W

I love that “consider it a day pass” line. That was part of our Sol banter around the table when using each other’s gates. We’d pay each other “for a day pass”.


I’ll activate my two divers on factories and spend 3 energy to build 3 divers. I believe that leaves me with 6 available divers and gives you an opportunity to build one as well @newbrof

Damn, that is one exposed picture. Are you actually playing on the sun?

What is a “day” to us, as we dive into the sun itself?

@newbrof can build a diver for one energy (see Matt’s turn). He also drew a flare (I forgot to move the flare counter in my pics) so three of us gained energy.

My turn!

Build a diver station in inner orbit. +1 move.

@Kolbex 🚀

Move one of my divers through the black gate, please.

@newbrof 🚀

@newbrof is up

@Dave_Perkins I can’t take a picture now.

However, I will take a sundiver for 1 energy.
Then I will activate my sundiver factory and pay 2 energy for 2 more sundivers
I should have 4 sundivers in my hold (1+2 +1activated)

I move on with my fancy spaceship.

@Dave_Perkins I should have 5 movement points for 2 stations

@Matt_W your turn

@Matt_W 🚀