The 4-player game of Sol: Last Days of a Star is underway!

Poop three divers inner aft, move two through purple gate

@Kolbex 🚀

I’ll take Synchronize.

Those two divers in my hold can both go in the space with the silver foundry. Then I’ll play my Procreate card to get another diver in that space.

@newbrof 🚀

(forgot to move purple ship in pics)

@Dave_Perkins I create an energy flower in the outer rim. There is only one way to do it, make it so.
My MP go up to 6… Do I draw a card? if so, I don’t care I keep my yellow card and move my silver blades one space ahead.

@Matt_W your turn

Launch two divers on the X’s below, then move a bunch of them like shown. Should be 6 total movement. (My movement marker isn’t updated from last turn.)

You mean the inner rim, right? Sorry, I didn’t notice your move. It doesn’t change mine, but my image above should have an energy node at the 1130 position on the inner rim and two fewer silver divers.

You only draw cards for conversions and activations inside the sun.

yes, the inner outer rim. I will try to update the board and post it.

I think this is the board state

dammit, the board is rotaded and I forgot to launch one green diver

You’re also missing my green energy node in the radiative zone and you didn’t move my other diver there.

EDIT: Also, after my turn, purple, silver, and green motherships should each be one space forward of where they show on that pic.

Games are hard.

Yeah, @newbrof definitely not trying to be critical; just pointing out the mistakes. I really appreciate you backing up @Dave_Perkins and taking some pressure of him.

After @newbrof turn; no +move because you already have a structure in that ring.

After @Matt_W turn ⬆️


Looks right to me except you didn’t move my mothership :)

Film at 11

There are two gates into the Sun, a black one and a purple one. I own the black one and no one has gone through it. Meanwhile @Kolbex has 11 energy. I like not yet knowing why the fuck this is.

I’ll move:

  1. Pop a diver out the aft inner diver hole.
  2. Move my diver through the goddamned purple gate.
  3. to 5. Move two divers forward a spot, and one of them again.

@Kolbex 🚀

wow, I did not know that rule or had forgotten. When my turn is up, I will activate both of my flower power stations fo energy and bonus. And I will then synchronize for momentum…

Punch another hole into the middle layer of the sun, please.

Wait, no, that’s dumb looking at the map. Well, I guess I will move one diver in the three space to the green foundry and one three spaces counterclockwise toward my gate.