The 5-player forum game of Sol: Last Days of a Star is underway!

For our forum game, here is the turn reference:

And here is our suite of instability cards:

Here is page 1 of the rules:

And here is page 2 of the rules:

The game is currently underway!

PREVIOUSLY: Thanks to @Dave_Perkins’ brand new copy of Sol: Last Days of a Star, we’re going to be having a forum game! And if you’re not sure what Sol: Last Days of a Star is, here you go:

Also, there’s a dude on this forum who loved it:


I’d like to be one of the chosen.

I can’t play, but I’m following the thread with great interest.

I’m kind of curious how this will be played - is there a digital version of the game or will you all set up independent boards and update each as a turn is taken?

Dave runs a lot of these sorts of games on a Discord and he shoots pictures of the boards and relevant info in between each players actions.

oh, I would love to join. I have a copy of the game at home, bought it because of Tom’s review. However, I have a friend over, and we are going to play a lot of games in person…

I will have to pass this session, but I will follow the screenshots, strategies here.

How do you do the card draws? I could return the favor of handling the secret information in Dune by posting the card draws in spoiler tags. I will be available on Sunday and afterwards.

I believe we can simply have open hands, and either agree to not “study” each others’ hands, or just allow studying. I’m happy either way! And the game arrives Friday at the soonest.

Either of those options is fine with me.

I don’t know the game rules yet so I don’t have an opinion yet, but maybe you can spoiler our hands?

There are no hands in Sol! You draw cards openly, face up. You can decide to keep one of the cards, but you only ever have a single card and it’s always stored face up. So, basically, a hand of one and it’s public.

The only hidden information is the order of cards in the instability deck that we’re all drawing from.



Is there still one open spot per the thread title? I am so interested in this game, although the price has kept me away (and also the perennial fact of being the only person I know really interested in board games).

There is and it’s now yours! Welcome aboard! I’ll leave it to Dave to get things underway when his copy of the game arrives. Dave, if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.


For anyone who needs it the rulebook is here.

Heavy Cardboard did a teach+5p playthrough:

I have a rules question:

After a solar flare is drawn there’s orbital activation:

All stations in outer orbit (not inner!) of any and all types may be activated by their owners. The owner does not need to have a sundiver present at the station. Foundries and towers still require one energy to activate, which could come from an energy node in outer orbit if you have one.

The mention of towers there is confusing because it appears towers can only be built inside the sun… Ah, I see the instability effect Juggernaut, which allows stations to move like sundivers. nvm


Should we use vestigial structures?

And with 5p, does that mean we will use all of the instability card suits?

I think only if we don’t do vestigial structures.

The game has arrived!

What the actual fuck!


Great googily, this appears to be high in replayability.