The 80s weren't pretty

Puting together a scrap book for my kids of their family tree, I discovered the following photos of myself. These are from the 1983-1985 time frame and while I didn’t have any gender identity issue, you couldn’t tell that from these photos. “The power and beauty of youth” my ass.

For the record, here is what I look like currently

So what’s changed?


Just kidding ;-)

Ah, bushy hair, plaid button-down shirts, and sweater vests.

I think all of those pix of me have been destroyed by now.

Most people would be breathing a sigh of relief that pictures from that period are safely tucked away in shoeboxes in closets. Rob puts them on the internet. That’s bold.

I was a cowboy in the 80s, apparently.

This picture would look absolutely adorable with pretty pink flowers around the border.

It’s Pat!

The Dark Knight striking fear into the hearts of those who would wrong others, even in the midwest in the early 70s.

This thread is begging for photoshops.

Massive courage points for daring to post pictures of his childhood.


You know, Rob, you have more than a passing resemblance to Greg Kinnear.

I just want to say that BillD is a PC wuss.
Not that that has anything to do with this thread.

I am not afraid of my computer YOU TAKE THAT BACK.

There’s something very liberating about posting embarassing moments from your personal history out there for everyone to see. And that’s why youtube is so successful. Anyone seen my latest? Hoo-boy!

Oh my god. I just remembered, I had that same shirt.

Representing for the Dark Knight in 1988. In Mexico.