The $99 PS2

I think I’m going to pick up a new PS2 - there’s an enormous stock of strat/RPGs to hoover up like an anteater - and am wondering if I need anything except the hardware that comes in the box. Do I need memory sticks or a second controller or anything else but the package that arrives?

You’ll need a PS2 memory card. You can get those pretty cheep from third parties or used. Beyond that you’re good to go. You can get a second controller if you want some multiplayer action, but the strat/rpgs you mention don’t generally support 2 players. If you’re going to play any PS1 games on the thing you’ll also need a PS1 memory card. Can’t save PS1 games on a PS2 card, unfortunately.

Ah, great. I didn’t even know the system was backwards compatible >.<

Thanks much, Bradley.

At this stage in the game you might want to pick up component or at least S-video cables, I guess, unless you have a nice CRT lying around.

You can get a used PS2 at gamestop for like 59 bucks. For your $99 you can get your system your controller, memory cards and a game or two.

If you’re price sensitive it’s a much better deal.

I can vouch that the component or S-video cables will help enormously even in plain-jane 480-i SD games, vs. composite video (1 yellow cable). The minimap in GTA San Andreas was useless until I hooked up S-Video, for instance. And of course for games that support 480p, if your TV is high def, you’d need component cables.

Yes, if you have an HD TV don’t skip the component cables. Most games are not progressive but it’s still worth it.