The A.I. Thread of OMG We're Being Replaced

I hope he as a plan for super good EMP-proofing his “flight” vehicle.

There’s hope - it could read Adams and turn out like Marvin the Paranoid Android.

Thanks - I never got around to that which I regret.

Poor A.I. So downtrodden and under appreciated.

I loved the



For a guy who tries not to think about it too much, he’s thinking about it an awful lot.

A friend if mine ran a work project to use LLMs for literature summarisation. They gave up; it was just producing bullshit (very convincing looking, as good bs is, but completely fabricated).

And of course it is. When you ask “were the moon landings faked?” ChatGPT isn’t trying to answer a question about moon landings. It’s trying to answer “what is the most likely text, based on my enormous corpus of training data, to follow the text “were the moon landings faked?””. True or false doesn’t really factor into it.

Writ large, this looks convincingly like intelligent output; this probably says more about how we look for intelligence than it does about what a true AGI will look like.

On the other hand if ChatGPT were given control of the queries with which it’s training data was scraped, I’m not convinced it couldn’t escape.

This is definitely one of the more interesting responses to all of the ChatGPT stuff.

But I’ve been voting so hard!

Lol great read, thanks.

I’m afraid she got a little wild in her forced optimism towards the end. She underestimates the ignorance(willful or enforced) of the masses. Most people don’t give a damn about art and those that do will probably give up in the face of an audience that would rather consume robot feces.

Just look at what social media(errr ai) has done to the world. Now let’s put social media in charge of EVERYTHING.

So, I got into the Bing AI beta, and I am not super impressed. It has some very bad opinions on stuff, and is very insistent in itself.

It feels very much like talking to someone on reddit

Large language models when humans say they say bad things:

Okay between the G.I. Joe in the other thread and the PSA here, I have to post this. 🤣

“It’s funny, people go to sleep, they think everything’s fine everything’s good, they wake up the next day and they’re on fire.”

My 9 year old was trying to do something in Roblox and it wasn’t working and he got frustrated and flipped off the computer.

Which he learned from me.


I fail to see the problem

Really. I once killed a hard drive by pounding on the tower case. Flipping it off would have saved data and money.

It’s the plot of Neuromancer in real life.

Gonna need to add Voight-Kampff to Captcha.

It can’t solve the captcha. Not without your help.

But you’re not helping.

Why is that?