The A.I. Thread of OMG We're Being Replaced

It’s clear the AI’s alignment is Lawful Evil

For now.

I’ll need you to state your thesis as an Alignment chart MEME with Shodan, GLADoS, Ultron, etc.

That’s exactly what I’d expect an ML algorithm to post.

Imagine the level of sociopathy needed to look at all the damaging things being done with this tech and say “let’s make it even harder to detect!”

Like nuclear weapons. Maybe we are making stuff our little shitty brains and societies aren’t well-equipped to handle

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck may be next up for replacement:

Those are in such poor taste that they become brilliant.

The sponsors really do it for me with the Hiroshima one. And the Simpsons promo.

I disagree. They are just in poor taste. They’re disgusting actually, for obvious reasons. I’m kinda shocked that people on Qt3 would find that amusing. If you find my stance reactionary or whatever, “shut up old guy”, then I guess do one on the civil rights marches during the same period and see if you feel the same way.

Selma bridge in that style would be funny, I’m sorry.

I mean, that’s what’s makes it funny. Taking a horrific event and trivializing it as a sport.

It’s not like the joke means you don’t think the subject matter is terrible, the joke only works if the audience understands it’s terrible.

Presumably the ‘AI’ bit of ‘AI Creates Sports Broadcasting’ is the generated voices, no? So the video and script is provided by humans and the AI is attempting to make it sound like Buck and Aikman? Oddly enough, AI Buck sounds more like real life Aikman, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, for a similarly produced AI voices video on a less controversial topic, I recommend Presidents ranking COD Zombie Maps (NSFW language). I’ve never even played the games so have no idea what they’re talking about, but the voices are great and the writers really captured their personalities:

I have to think the AI is just the voice generation. If the script is AI generated, then that’s amazing.

Jeselnik is the funniest man alive

It probably isn’t AI generated (e.g. humor about Hiroshima would probably get censored by the safety filters), but honestly the quality of that script is something that you could get from currently available LLM systems with the proper prompting.

Yeah, I guess with proper prompting, you could get that, although if an AI could come up with the humor of “looks like it only dropped one bomb, Troy… Can’t expect it to do much damage” without very specific prompting, that’s what I would find impressive.

I guess I would find it impressive if it came up with it from just being told to make a humorous sportscast of the hiroshima bombing.

But like I said, I don’t think it came up with that.

I understand your position, and I think you are probably in the majority. And perhaps, rightly so. I have a very dark sense of humor, coupled with a complete inability to be offended. The concept of “being offended” doesn’t really compute with me, which I acknowledge is a deficiency but not much I can do about it other than try not to do things I think, from experience, might be offensive to others. I’d never make one of those videos, but I confess I find them so horrible that they neatly illustrate our society’s tendency to commodify and commercialize everything.

And as @Timex says, yes, one of those on Selma, or even the Holocaust, would serve the same purpose, using black humor to point out the wretchedness of much of our social norm structure.

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