The absolute BEST co-op and splitscreen

Lately I’ve been on a kick to find the best co-op and multiplayer games for me and my wife to play. We have some, but none that appeal to both of us at the same time.

Now, I have a PS3 and a 360 (sold my wii because I HATE IT), so I’d rather keep any choices limited to those consoles, but I’m looking for something we can have fun with and maybe even with a couple of friends. I’ll list what we have so far(that I can remember).

Rock Band
High Velocity Bowling

Gears of War
Tons of arcade games

She’s not a big fan of current shooters (motion sickness), but likes quite a bit of other stuff. Any suggestions?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Various Lego Games

Oops, forgot to list those. We’ve tried them both and she’s not a Marvel fan (loves Batman like a crazy), and she doesn’t enjoy the Lego games for some reason.

Good suggestions though.

My buddies and I have been playing a ton of local multiplayer Geometry Wars 2 (XBLA) this weekend. You haven’t lived until you’ve played Pacifism mode in multiplayer. Highly recommended (and there’s even co-op, after a fashion)!

Rainbow Six: Vegoose 2

You could try “Justice League Heroes.” It didn’t get as good reviews but it’s basically the DC version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. And it has Batman.

The console versions were praised for customization and co-op gameplay, but the combat was considered too simple.

Rock Band


Guitar Hero is the obvious one to add to that list, as well as the forthcoming GH & RB sequels this fall. Although it wasn’t that great, Justice League Heroes did have 2P coop, is backwards-compatible on the 360, and can be found dirt-cheap; I bought a copy for $5 at Five Below, IIRC. There haven’t been any great coop action RPGs recently apart from MUA, IMHO, but you might want to check out Monster Madness or Untold Legends Dark Kingdom. If she’s not really into shooters, how does she feel about sports games? Or racing games? Or fighting games?

Fighting games not so much, racing maybe if it’s cute enough probably. Sports, depends. She likes Golf but doesn’t like Tiger Woods, preferring Hot Shots. I’ve considered the new hot shots for PS3 but I’m not getting great reviews from it and it has so few courses.

I might try the Justice League game.

Hell, maybe just playing an RPG together would be fun.

Too Human?

No earth defense force? As a game it isnt great or even good, but it is one of the best co-op titles. Just shines with 2 people.


Trust me, when there’s people in the room, it’s coop.

Sounds like a tough nut … So as I understand it, she enjoys playing games but there just doesn’t happen to be enough overlap in genre interests? Or is it that she doesn’t like them, but you’re trying to draw her in?

In the first case, why not agree to take turns trying games the other person likes? Unless the problem therein being that the games she likes don’t accommodate co-op?

I realize this isn’t helpful, but I’ve had the most luck getting my girlfriend to play non-Rock Band games on the Wii.

she loves games, but yes, there’s not enough genre overlap.

So does taking turns work out at all? Do her genres possess any multi options?

Are you looking for something more engaging than the Arcade board game-types?

Taking turns is pretty much what we do now with a lot of games and it works out. That or I watch her play. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t mind watching her play puzzle games, RPGs, etc… but I’d love to have a reason to play together.

We play a lot of Arcade games (Puzzle Quest, Catan, Ticket to Ride), but yeah I’d love to go ahead with other games

I’d actually meant taking turns playing each other’s genre - one that she’s interested in one week, and one of yours the next. That’s pretty fair until you find one you both like.

Though it sounds like hers might lend themselves less to multi …

Virtua Tennis is a great pick-up-&-play sports game for people who don’t like sports games; pretty sure you can play doubles against the CPU. Content-wise, both versions are identical AFAIK; but only the 360 version has online play, IIRC. [Smash Court Tennis 3 comes out tomorrow, but it isn’t reviewed nearly as well.]

BTW, it isn’t coop exactly, but Eternal Sonata lets another player control characters during battle, so you can fight together.

Good suggestion. My wife loves playing coop tennis games with me. Doubles matches are a lot of fun.

Tom says the PS3 port of Monster Madness is good. Sounds like they got rid of a lot of what annoyed me about the 360 version.