The Action Roguelite thread

Rogue Legacy was at he forefront of a revolution. I found it meh, ultimately. It lacks the in-run upgrade flavor that dominates these games, and the persistant upgrades are very granular and not that interesting.

I’m seeing the same in the sequel. They have retained the “legacy system”, which never made any sense and is really just “here’s 3 characters to choose from and some of them have traits that might be positive, negative, or both and this apparently has no bearing on your last character”.

It feels like there’s more platformy sections this time around, but there’s something slightly off on the movement for me. The combination of those two things is certainly not to my taste.

Although it looks like they are adding stuff on the “in run upgrades” front. I think there may have been a patch but I did like 10 runs yesterday and saw nothing but found something just now.

So there are two sorts of special upgrades you can get in run. Some of them are permanent - I just unlocked dash. The others are just sort of powerups, but I’ve been sort of underwhelmed by the few I’ve seen. E.g. For the cost of 31 max health (this run only), every 5th hit does more damage. Or For the cost of 31 max health (I think all the upgrades cost max health), do and take 200% more damage (someone good at this game would rock that, of course; that’s not me). I saw another I can’t recall. And in one case I had a choice to take a refill on health and mana (which I needed at the time - down to 10 health). It’s always “take one of two”, that I have seen.

The permanent ones are. . . odd. I’ve seen two I think? You are put through a series of challenges which range from “here are 10 mildly obnoxious challenges you need to clear” to “fuck off I didn’t sign up to play Super Meatboy inside your game”. These are brief areas - some are just a normal room, some a bit bigger - where you have to use the power you are gaining quite a bit (uh, sort of). Very platformy, in the case of dash. I again don’t get along with the controls so I found this frustrating, although I got it 4th try (when you enter, you get topped off on health I think, but you can die in them).

The other one was weirder. There’s a section where there are these glowing red things and if you are violent within them (attack or cast a spell), you get shot at with not a lot of chance to dodge. Violence is the only way to open doors (attack, spell, or the lb spinny jump maneuver). So, that’s a problem. In some of these cases, clever use of spinny jump maneuver (which you can use to get extra air by bounding off of certain objects) can save the day. But eventually you get a prompt saying “the nigthmare ahead of me, perhaps there’s some way to clam it?” or something. That didn’t make sense to me and I missed, on that one, that you can hit RB to interact with and turn it off. this doesn’t last forever, but it’s key to the next section. . .

Where you have to find within fields of these things (sometimes overlapping). Now that I know you can turn that shit off for a time I can probably beat this although my first two attempts failed. I’m not sure what power I am getting from this though.

There’s more traits that change the game visually this time around, at least based on what I rmeember. There’s a sort of Gameoby like one. There’s censored enemies. There’s one that makes objects too bright that. . . honesltly wasn’t good for my eyes when playing. There’s another weird one that I’m not sure what they were doing to the screen. And there’s diva, which puts a spotlight on you but you can’t see outside of it which is kind of a pain. I think some of these feel out of place.

But traits now give bonus gold (or did they before? I don’t remember), as a % of gold found. And there’s an upgrade for incrfeasing this somehow but it;s pricey (level 1 is 1500+ gold, I have only gotten into the 1100s or so twice). Vegan - food damages you - gives a cool +50%. Pacficist gives +75% but, uh, pacifist (you can still spinny jump through doors). So don’t plan on any boss killing I guess (although if you hit an enemy with spinny jump you do very light damage).

I find the hitboxen in this game - or whatever it’s using - also to be finnicky and this does not pair well with the movement and I not getting along. I’ve had some trouble on the mage.

I think fans of the first will probably like this and for now I will keep playing. But I am not wild about it by any stretch.

Big nerf to the final boss of RoR2

Captain’s Supply Drop now presses the buttons on Abandoned Aqueduct

Heh, I was wondering whether this worked.

Atomicrops is releasing on Steam and GOG next week, and with a meaty update:

New Content

-New Character: Dandelion - Flying. Starts with Cleats and Crampons, unique movement system.
-New Character: Thyme - Days are longer, lose time when damaged. Starts with a pig.
-New Weapon: Flamethrower - Lights enemies on fire (and crops, unless you’re careful).
-New Weapon: Catling Gun - Aim, hold the trigger and watch things die.
-New Weapon: Biodegrader - Flings massive explosives for great area damage.
-New Tractor: Tunneler Tractor - Creates a tunnel back to your farm or breaks a crust if already on the farm.
-New Upgrade: Fraidy Fert - Create fertilizer when damaged
-New Upgrade: Early to Rose - Harvesting Roses increase day length
-New Upgrade: Chill Beets - Harvesting Heart Beets increase day length
-New Upgrade: Chrono Seeds - Sowing seeds increase day length
-New Upgrade: Chrono Weeds - Cutting weeds increase day length
-New Upgrade: Hotwire - No tractor cooldown but 25% chance to take damage when using a tractor
-New Upgrade: Beet Drop - 25% chance to drop a Heart Beet Seed when damaged
-New Upgrade: Duck Wings - Fly! (allows player to pass to zones without repairing bridges and allows them to traverse connecting passages to other zones)
-New Upgrade: Bundit’s Foot - Increases luck by 50%
-New Upgrade: Daily Orchard - Gain a tree every day.
-New Upgrade: Shroom-mates - Mushrooms grow near the well every day.
-New Permanent Upgrades - added 12 new permanent upgrades
-Online Leaderboards
-Daily Runs
-Definitely didn’t add a secret reward which only the very best players will unlock. (PS: Remove from patch notes. We shouldn’t tease them like this. Nobody is even gonna be able to unlock this, it’s so difficult.)
-Added new tutorial popups
-Added Key Rebinding
-Added Streamer Mode: Replaces all leaderboard names with friendly names


-Year 1 has been made easier.
-Heart Beets now drop as seeds, requiring you to farm them to gain health.
-Buffed Sniper Rifle damage
-Increased health of tree monsters
-Increased health of Gatling Gun Bundits
-Reduced Rain Cloud scroll duration by half
-Final boss now drops Cornucopias
-Final Boss skull spawn rate ramps up slower on year 10
-Final boss has less health on year 10

I’ve literally just come off Atomicrops after a rough time trying to crack year 3. Looking forward to the update; that’s a lot of new stuff so I’m excited!

Atomicrops is one tough game though and after a brief hiatus I’m still discovering new things, item synergies and tricks. There are some mighty puns here.

So, it’s not out yet, but it has an update? Was it in beta or something before? Or it was available in Early Access, but not anymore? Or was it available on Epic Games Store, and is now coming to Steam and GoG?

That last one.

About time. Yeesh. I spent waaaay too much time beating my head against this on the Switch.


Curse of the Dead Gods has released a new update with a tutorial, gear recycling and new room weapon upgrade. It seems they are two updates away of finishing EA:

ScuorgeBringer (also on xbox gamepass) will release soon, and it will be a mostly revamped game:

I started playing Atomicrops today, I clocked in 3.5 hours (around 8 tries?). Alas I’m no good in this kind of games, only in my last run I reached the third boss, a tractor. From what I can see in the wiki, it seems there are some permanent upgrades although funnily enough I still couldn’t unlock anything because first I need to find whatever npc in the game itself (ant builder?).

I’ve just hit 36 hours with Atomicrops and only yesterday did I discover one of the other persistent upgrade characters so now I have two at the hub. I think I should have discovered them earlier but… well, there’s a lot of different things to be juggling and balancing in Atomicrops!

There’s day time and exploration (as well as factoring in tunnels to get back quickly), growth time, sowing, expanding your plot, weeding, watering, fertilising, harvesting, tractors, pigeons, defending and of course the overarching days, seasons and storing cashews and roses for upgrades so you’re ready for the bosses. It’s Nuclear Throne with breakneck high pressure resource management. There’s a lot more to this game than meets the eye.

At 36 hours and counting, I think it’s fair to say I’m loving it, but it takes a while to get into the very particular rhythm of the game. Once you start getting a feel for the different items and potential synergies the binary upgrade options (this farm animal or that one, this item or that, this weapon or that one) start to feel a lot more meaningful. One of my best runs was with weed wacker (cut weeds faster) coupled with vinaigrette (weeds can be harvested) so I was able to dash around energised, weeding and racking up cashews, seeds and fertiliser. I play with a controller, by the way.

The visuals are busy and there’s the odd time when I’m not sure what hit me but for the most part they strike a good balance between lively and discernible, somehow. It’s pretty insane.

I don’t think you’ll need to look at the wiki because I don’t feel like the game has many hidden tricks. There is perhaps one very basic but key thing that they may have added to the tutorial since I played it: sowing four of the same seed (or tree) in a square and using enough fertiliser will combine them into a mega crop.

Today I managed to beat year 3 and, just now, year 4, so I’m very happy with my progress!

A few things from the update: the new weapons and items are excellent and add a lot more variety. I’m really looking forward to trying out the new character I just unlocked too. My favourite major change is switching heart beets to heart beet seeds. Before, killing enemies or looting would randomly drop hearts that instantly healed you. This was fine but it was fairly random and meant risking your life to heal up. The new system means you can store your heart beet seeds and plant them when you need to heal (and with the tip above there’s a risk/reward element at play here too).

Oh and @TurinTur you did very well to get to the tractor in 3.5 hours!

Aaaand I’m out. ;)

Yeah, the last thing you should be expecting is Stardew with some action!

I’m not very clear in what the basic mechanics are, to be honest. Help me @geggis

Water makes crops grow faster? Like, optionally? Or does crops NEED x water to reach maturity?
Fertilizer makes plant be more valuable?
How the energized mechanic work? It isn’t clear at all.

I’m glad you like it. But I prefer my games with a more sedate pace. Any game that describes itself as “frenetic” or uses words like “pressure”, “tension”, or “speed” means I’m out. It’s not them, it’s me. ;)

The different areas/biomes to the north, east, south and west give you different kinds of seeds/crops. Desert seeds don’t require much water but take longer to grow (I don’t think prickly pears need any water). Plains seeds need lots of water but grow quickly. I’m a bit fuzzy on the jungle and tundra areas because by that point I’ve usually amassed so many seeds I’m not sure where they came from–I need to look into that at the market. Crops that require water though won’t grow until they’re watered, so it’s super important.

Fertiliser improves the crop making it more valuable (you’ll know when you’ve applied enough fertiliser because it stops you using any more). The added value isn’t separated out at market unfortunately, it’s just a lump sum for each crop, but you can see the difference with the crop pictures because they look bigger and/or happier.

As you weed, sow or till you build up an energy meter (at the bottom of the screen). When it fills up you become energised for a brief period and can weed, sow and till a lot faster. You can maintain this state by continuing to weed, sow and till before the energised gauge runs down. Several items upgrade your energised state eg. to make it last longer or double your damage and speed. Some items will charge your meter on tractor use or by killing enemies. It can be very powerful and useful.

One other tip: I would recommend using pickaxes before night time or weeding and sowing seeds because it’s easy to break the earth/crust in the wrong place when you’re trying to defend, dodge and attack! Pickaxes and expanding your plot is very important to manage your space, crops and defences.

Oh I get it! Atomicrops looks all cute and cuddly on the surface but it’s as hard as atomic bomb-baked earth! :-) It does ramp up but even the first year is a challenge.

7 hours in:

It was a run where I accumulated 5 turrets with 2 perks for turrets: the plants grow faster near them and the laser pointer thing that buffs them. Another perk I got in the first day, something that would allow 4 vegetables to join into 1 without the fertilizer, was also a boon.