The Action Roguelite thread

New features
The Eagle Temple:

  • New environments
  • New traps
  • 6 new foes with their elite versions
  • 2 new Champions
  • 1 new Temple Boss
  • 5 new Curses
    Eternal Guardians
    🍉 Dark Mines
    Biting Breath
    Sky Fire
    Chromatic Defense

So did anyone try Rogue Legacy 2? It’s still in Early Access (ew), but they’ve already done a few major patches.

Image says almost everything. Free update on March for RoR2, and later a paid expansion

That sounds great. Played some more on Sunday and have the bug again…

I have this thread somewhat forgotten…

Let’s see, Gunfire Reborn has sold 1 million copies and posted thiss roadmap

Speaknig of roadmaps, here it’s RL2

Dead Cells had a new update with a bit of new content past month, and a new DLC for $5 coming in a few weeks.

Hades has been a big hit, with millions of copies sold and several goty awards.

Undungeon showing some creatures gifs

Skul Hero Slayers is launching on Jan 21st

Curse of Dead Gods release is also getting close, only the last step remains

Wait, still more roadmaps! Here it’s one for Nova Drift

Oh, Atomicrops also had a free update:
New Content

  • New Boss: Unfriendly Worm

  • New Boss: U.F.B.

  • New Boss: The Spore You Know

  • New Boss: Itsy Bitsy

  • Rare Blood Moon nights where new vicious enemies will swarm your farm. Watch out, lest you lose your entire harvest!

  • New Alien Ant featuring additional permanent upgrades.

  • New Scroll: Blood Spell: Fertilize all crops and all nearby enemies bleed fertilizer.

  • New Scroll: Cataclysm: Cut hundreds of weeds, damage all enemies, expand farmable land and till soil.

  • 10 New Achievements to put your skills to the test and let you unlock Topiaries.

  • Topiaries - Unlock achievements to gain topiaries on your farmhouse. Topiaries provide permanent bonuses.

  • Added Mandarin Chinese voice over to intro cinematic when game language is set to Chinese.

I should probably give Atomicrops another spin after cracking year 10. I’ll be as rusty as an old hoe now.

Devs posted this morning that it leaves EA on Feb. 23:

Interesting, thanks! Damn, they should pay you for the update news work you’re doing.

Haha, or at least a title: Chronicler of the Action Roguelite.

They could rename the game to Hades: Someone turned off the lights.

:P :P

This ancient, by forum standards, post convinced me to try this one, which I had previously dismissed based purely on the ridiculous name, out. It’s about ten bucks right now. Will hopefully report back some of my own impressions.

With roadmaps like those, has any review site solved revisiting changed games? I think that’s one reason I like to wait for a game to release, instead of playing in early access. It will be evaluated on release, and I can browse known perspectives at a fixed point in time.

Anyway, it looks like I’ll be playing at least a couple of these this year. I’m also interested in your impressions Kolbex of I, Dracula: Genesis.

My first impression is that there’s something about the way the sprites flicker or pulsate that makes me a little woozy. Not…great.

This is near historic low on GamersGate so I picked it up. So far so fun!

FYI, nova drift is also 45% off on steam

There’s too many seemingly good action roguelites for me. Any must have? FYI I really enjoyed Synthetik and Hades is my GOTY 2020. I’ll get Nova Drift since it’s only $4 after conversion.

Synthetik just feels so good.

It still is! I think I really suck at that game though. After 20+ hours the best I could do was defeating only 2 bosses. End game still seems a long way to go.

If you already have Hades, Dead Cells.

Risk of Rain 2 is pretty good too, but I feel it is more idiosyncratic. Very based on random builds and rushing.

I also like Streets of Rogue but it’s kind of a different game to most games talked here?

Yeah I know what you mean. I’ve bounced off quite a few, including Spelunky, Binding of Isaac and Synthetik (I should probably give it another go, but there were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way, can’t remember what now though).

Atomicrops, alongside Hades, made my Quarterlies top 5 so obviously I’d recommend checking that out.

I’ve got the demo of Going Under installed so really want to give that a spin at some point. Kind of enjoyed Noita but didn’t feel much tug to keep at it. Risk of Rain 2 is great, particularly if you were a fan of the first game’s loop, characters and crazy item stacks and synergies. Old but gold: Dungeon of the Endless. Seems Amplitude are kind of returning to it with Endless Dungeon so I can’t wait for that.