The Action Roguelite thread

I have never played any flavor of BoI and never really been tempted, but maybe I will.

Taking a look at the thread I don’t see anything as fun aa Hades yet. As ij the same perfect pacing. I really like Hand of Fate 2, but its pacing is all over the place. Sometimes it’s a light resource management between action sequences, someone you have to solve a complex puzzle over the course of campaign using pen and paper. It’s not a game you launch knowing you’re into 30 minites of action-choice-action-choice rythm.

I actually think the first Hand of Fate is the better game. The action is less complex, and that means it never bogs down the game too much; you get a nice balance of turn-based and actiony parts.

If I had to list the best examples of the genre I’m familiar with, I’d say Spelunky HD, Binding of Isaac Rebirth with all DLCs, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Hades and Streets of Rogue are my top ones. They each star as best in their sub-niche. If you allow for non-action rogue-lites, I’d add FTL, Invisible Inc and Slay the Spire to that list. But there are so many rogue-lites nowadays it’s really hard to get far enough in each one to judge it.

As you’ve said all of those are quite different. Like Streets of Rogue is the kinda same type of action as Hitman games. Spelunky less so. It’s a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but it’s not really a constant action. Hades has that perfect blend of action, strategy and narrative. Most roguelikes have no narrative to speak of. When action comes it’s not that intense, and you make strategic decisions in the heat of the moment usually. There’s no real change of pace, you’re constantly slightly in danger.

FTL is kinda like that too. Binding of Isaac probably counts as what I describe, but I can’t play it cause I find it extremely repulsive.

Man, Risk of Rain 2 is harder than I remembered! I played a bunch of games today and only in two I got to the second-to-last map. Maybe I lost my skills, maybe it got harder with the update, maybe I’m misremembering my own skills at the game.

You know what, I had forgotten how swingy and RNG dependent was RoR2. Not only because the obvious reason, how random is the item acquisition, but also because how random can be the teleport exit placement. Even after playing dozen hours and knowing what to search for, there are a few times where I don’t see it after a pair of complete loops exploring the place because bad luck, and that’s a difference in time wasted that can be pretty big in comparison with other times where the teleporter is in front of you. Given how the time limit works in the game, a run where it happens in a pair of levels can be make the run to go to the trash, as the last level will be too hard.

I strongly dislike the time mechanics in the RoR games. They completely turn me off of the games.

Looking for a new roguelike. I bounced back of Dead Cells. I didn’t feel a clear goal. Finished Slay the Spire with the 1st two classes, Gods will fall (yeah loved it), Spelunky was great, but never finished it.

Where next? I have my eyes on Risk Of Rain 2. Does it actually has an end? Recommended?

It does have an end and I think Risk of Rain 2 is brilliant, solo and with friends. There’s a fair bit of randomness in it, but there are also systems to help you steer your character’s build somewhat. A large part of the appeal for me is the friction or risk/reward between the timer and exploring/gearing up for the teleporter fights. The item stacks and synergies can be pretty damn spectacular too.

Even forgetting the roguelike aspects, it’s a solid 3rd person shooter, with enemies with proper telegraphed attacks, where your aiming and avoidance skils are important, etc. And it has a very good variety of classes, 11 and each one has its own thing going on, they don’t feel like reskins.

I wish there was a difficulty setting in between the first and the second one, though. I’m using a cheat mod to ‘fix’ it.

I’ll just throw in my opinion that Risk of Rain 2 is brilliant. This is coming from someone who loves the idea of roguelites, but very rarely gets hooked by them. This is one that got me hooked, plus it is fantastic fun as co-op.

thanks, got it. I like it, I started the game and switched to “easy” mode to learn the systems… Could get to the snow world (3rd world). Then I switched back to normal, the intended way to play.

So you lose all your money when teleporting to a new level? I guess then there is no point in hording money…

Exactly, but spending it can take time depending on how close you are to item dispensers and chests (or how fast/mobile you are). Sometimes it’s better to just bounce, waste money but save time to explore on the next level.

Unspent gold is turned into XP when you teleport to the next map, and early on it’s better to progress quickly than to spend too much time backtracking for items.

Risk of Rain 2. Ugh, normal mode is so hard. I barely make it to the teleporter. So many enemies. I wonder if I should dial it down to easy.

Yea I’m 10 hrs in and normal is hard for me too… I tend to die at the second or third boss. There’s a learning curve, you gotta know their attack patterns, safespots, as well as the right balance between trash clearing and chipping at the boss’ health.

The game is pretty swingy. I think it’s because how the most items allow you to scale your damage output, but there are few that scale your hp or armor. So what I found is that I’m doing it fine on the stage 5 or 6, killing stuff then suddenly I get hit by a pair of attacks of elites and I’m dead on the ground. From 80% hp to -10%. Game over.

Synthetik 2 announced


Day one purchase. No question.