The Action Roguelite thread

Day one purchase. No question.

You just made me reinstall Synthetik, you bastard.

You uninstalled it?!

Dandy Ace tries to improve the game feel a bit

Robquest has a hefty upgrade

Class Rework
All classes have been reworked to differentiate their playstyle more than before. Most classes are keeping the same abilities as before, but we focused on creating mechanics within each class to tie them up with each other or/and with the class perks.
Perk Rework
As a result of the modification of classes, all perks have been either reworked or removed entirely and new perks are coming into play. We won’t be going over the details of each of these changes in the patch notes as they are too numerous. Rest assured that we took extra caution to keep the most beloved perks, those we all love picking and playing.
Weapon Changes
We added up to 7 new weapons, among them are brand new weapons but also older weapons that were removed from the live version at some point (which some of our veteran players will surely remember). In addition, weapons have been rebalanced overall and we modified their progression system. Finally, most weapon affixes have been normalized and/or renamed and new affixes came into play to prepare the future of the weapon affix system.
Level Polish & Rework
Several levels have received updates regarding environment, random variations, ceiling connectors, enemy placement, challenge flow, rail placement and some other more discrete changes. The changes were mostly aimed at increasing the quality of these levels by spreading the different systems and designs we’ve developed for the newer stages of the game.

Dead Cells coming to Curse of the Dead Gods

I have a very weird fetish for only having games I am actively playing installed, and I don’t even try to justify it logically.

A game I didn’t know aobut

• Action game with stealth elements in a rogue-lite game loop
• Play as the steadfast Ghost of the Prince of Midra
• Possess the enemies you fight with and absorb their combat features to go on in the battle at your best
• Master different characters’ playstyles, improve your skills, and adapt to an ever-changing world
• Explore the wonderful Kingdom of Midra and learn its legends and lore
• 20 characters with different abilities, weapons and playstyles
• 10 procedurally-generated levels set in 5 different biomes
• Dozens of essences and skills to make each run different
• Unlock permanent upgrades between runs
• Secrets and bosses are waiting for you
• 3D graphics inspired by traditional Asian designs

Konami wants a piece of the sweet action roguelite genre

Looks nice but the screenshots are extremely busy. I can barely make out platforms, projectiles, etc in the still shots.

Rain Blood Chronicles: Gaiden

I wish I had your problem. Would save me a metric ton of SSD investment. On the other hand I only have a 30mbps connection, and with the install size of games growing massively I prefer to keep them installed than wait an age to download when I have a sudden whim to play something specific.

It’s on sale for cheap on Switch right now and I had some coins, so I grabbed it again, and I love the portable format for it, but oh man I have made it Flame Princess Zeal twice and just absolutely gotten my ass handed to me by her.

Some annoyances, but the worst one is that I can so far buy oodles of X and Y arcana, but I have yet to be offered a single alternative to the basic slash and dash. Is this just random? Can you ever equip more than one relic? I hate those jumping block guys, so tedious. I feel like there could be a lot more enemy variation. There isn’t much difference between the elemental areas. Still, I’m playing it so there must be something there!

So I unlocked the 3rd character in Risk Of Rain 2 after beating the 3rd portal. The hunter/ninja… played a little bit with her, great char when using a controller (PS4), no more precision aiming.

What I loved about Gods Will Fall, you knew exactly when the game will end, 10 bosses and done. In RoR2, I don’t know how many portals to beat, also when I was at the 4th portal, the difficulty was way too high. It’S a game I come back now and then to play for an hour and see how far I can get.

You should be able to equip the items/arcana you buy before you start a run. Then during the run it is better to upgrade the arcana you started with then to purchase new ones. You can also get to equip cursed ones once you finish the game once.

One thing to do is to save 20 gems in order to get a 200 gold payout before you start a run. It makes the game much easier.

Upgrade how? Is that what you get if you buy an arcana you already have equipped from a shop? I don’t remember the game explaining that at all. What I mean is that the shop in the plaza that sells new arcana has not offered a single basic attack or dash yet, just a ton of ancillary arcana. I know you can equip the stuff you’ve bought before a run, but I haven’t gotten any new ones. As for the relics, there are so many, but only allowing one to be equipped is pretty harshly limiting. No combos, just choose one and go.

That’s correct. If you buy the same one it will be upgraded. IIRC it will have a gold border and it’s effect will be stronger. It’s pretty obvious once you do it once.

If you’re having trouble; buy/equip the vampire relic and get the suit that increases crit. Get a fast basic (something eletric) and some fast arcanas (electric ones again). This allows you to heal everytime you attack and crit.

Is this not entirely dependent on the plaza shop’s RNG offering it to you to buy in the first place?

Well, I would, but the plaza shop has yet to offer me a single basic attack…as I may have mentioned.

RoR 2 is very a ‘wiki game’. As in, for lots of unlocks and secrets you are almost expected to learn from the wiki or at least from the community as you play in coop, because realistically there is no way most players would guess all the shit you have to do on your own.
At least four of the character require secrets to be unlocked. And the game requires a super obscure and involved secret, about noting down criptic dots hidden in hard to reach areas in all the maps and then reaching the second to last map where you have to do special actions… all to unlock some normal game modifiers, lol.

At least, it’s easy to unlock characters, alternate weapons and all items by editing some xml files. It’s so straightforward that I suspect the devs did it for people who didn’t want to engage into all that.

Yeah all that stuff is the worst thing about the game for me. I’m glad actually playing it and succeeding doesn’t require a great deal of that. The in-game log/database is pretty good for the most part.

One more thing, the game has six stages, with the last one being the boss stage.