The Action Roguelite thread

A roguelite has been included in the latest Monthly Humble Bundle

New to Early Access: Pokémon Ranger meets bullet hell roguelike in Patch Quest

I like Patch Quest’s art enough to wishlist for its eventual release.

Fury Unleashed is also on console? I want to play it there. :whine:

Out in EGS

I really like the look and feel of the basic exploration/combat in that video. I would buy that if it wasn’t in Early Access.

This preview of Unexplored 2 made it sound super interesting

It sounds cool enough for me to buy it for 8€. Done. I look forward to play it in one year or whatever, when it gets out of EA. lol

I suppose the Epic Coupon will probably only come around rarely now. So I’m tempted to get it now too.

In one year it’ll be on Steam. :)

Yeah, but with a higher price tag.

Beat Synthetik at 100% difficulty after 51 hours (2 years after I bought it and played it intermittently). The ending was very underwhelming, like, that’s it??

Game is certainly harder than other action roguelites that I enjoyed, say, Hades. But something about its gameplay that kept pulling me back into playing again and the more I played, I felt I could beat it. I don’t think I can say the same for ironman Battle Brothers though 🤔

Damn, son. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten past stage…5? Maybe? Couple bosses in.

Were you playing with the Engineer? It’s the best class for solo play if you have average reflex like me. It comes with an auto firing drone, 2 sentry guns, and one missile drone so you can always sit back and let them do the shooting. Upgrading them to above level 2 will ensure their longevity in any boss fights. One of the skills is to convert artifacts that you don’t want into currency and at 10th conversion, you’ll get an additional auto firing drone.

So yeah, all I did was mostly spamming a garrison of bots and drones to soak up the damage while finding a good position to shoot back.

My favorite is the one with the knife.

First (small) udpate for Unexplored 2

Have you played much yet?

Just the tutorial, lol.

I ended up buying it because it was so cheap, and I couldn’t help myself from trying it out. I played the tutorial and the starting hour or two of a new game.

It has potential for sure but seemed pretty empty right now. A lot of ‘go here, pull this lever’. Not a lot of loot.

The tutorial introduces hunting as a means of keeping food stocked for cooking at camp (important), but that’s the only time I saw anything to hunt so far. I kept running out of food. I wish using a rope was persistant and let you climb up/down that spot at will, rather than being a once-off. I got a bow and it fired arrows like two body lengths in front of me. Nobody will mistake the combat for Hades, that’s for sure… ;)

I also found judging the passage of time confusing. Anything you do may eat up an unspecified amount of hours, and there are some mechanics that seem to rely on specific time of day.

But I like the atmosphere, the procedural nature of everything, and board-game style skill tests. It does feel kind of adventurey. In the end I got stuck in this area with 5 objects on pedestals that I obviously had to rearrange to open a door. I could see no clue in the area as to how they were meant to be placed, nor any indication that I was on the right track when brute-forcing it, so I gave up.

Robquest has a new update, and a very meaty one.

Maybe it can reach Gunfire Reborn at that pace of progress. Which, btw, should also have a content update in a week.

Voidogo update, now you can loop (like RoR2 I guess), new weapons, items and enemies

Dreamscaper will get out of EA soonish

Dead Cells had a balance update, and some new rooms in the new biomes.

And another one

The game remind me to something like Skul or Neon Abyss, but it seems it uses the weapon modification system of Hades:

Playable characters have various transformable weapons that they use to battle against their enemies. Weapons can be further customized by different “Cores” and “Transform Upgrades” that appear randomly during gameplay.