The Action Roguelite thread

Into the PIt is out on Gamepass. First impression is not good:

-Fake pixelated graphics (it seems it has a shader pixelating things to look ‘retro’ ?)
-Garish colors. It creates a unique visual identity, but at what price…
-Mouse acceleration which can’t be disabled
-I found a place on the hub where I could clip through the scenario in the first 70 seconds
-The sound design, as lots of indie games, is mediocre. I’m not talking of the subjective quality of the sounds, but their role in the gameplay. Projectiles doesn’t sound when they get close to you, some enemies fire without having a sound effects, the spawn enemies sound could be more distinct, that kind of thing.
-At some point the game went crazy:

Thanks for the report!

I enjoyed the demo of Into The Pit a couple of weeks ago but wondered how the full experience would pan out with regards to the upgrades, dungeon layouts and enemies. I adored the visuals though, particularly in the village; it’s a got a kind of iridescent, acidic haze to it. Picked it up on Steam but didn’t realise it was on Game Pass!

I am enjoying it but due to the frenetic pace I have only played probably 20 minutes of it so far.

I dived Into the Pit and I’m liking it a fair bit so far. Love the combat speed, feels very Doom Eternal, although without any dashing or double jumping, but jump pads are effective. You start off choosing two weapons and one “buff”, I chose one wisely, the other weapon feels a bit lackluster but presumably it can be upgraded in time.

I didn’t notice the issues Turin reported, but apparently the GamePass version is (or was) a version behind the Steam one and things like mouse acceleration are now an option, along with various fixes. Seems pretty solid so far. Upgrade structure is good, typical of the genre now, creating a unique build each time as you make choices during progression. Way too early yet to tell how much variety there is yet, rescuing villagers opens up more options in the hub village which will be interesting to explore later. So yeah, it plays great and the structure has potential, plus I love the aesthetic - a bit different to the usual retro boomer shooter look.

Remember I, Dracula: Genesis, featured in the first post of the thread, which I mentioned it seemed abandoned by the devs?

Well, it just received an update… and a new name. Now it’s called Doomsday Hunters.

Nice! I’ve owned this for ages and still haven’t played it. Updates have been real slow, not sure when 1.0 is coming, if ever.

Oh wow, that’s great. I hate it when EA games get abandoned, so sad.

I am sure @Juan_Raigada would approve of the second recommendation! 😁

Ziggurat 2 is out

11 heroes
56 weapons
24 amulets
54 enemies
219 perks

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…

The spice girls were very forward thinking

In my effort of finding a similar game to Gunfire Reborn, I have been playing Ziggurat 2, but yeah, still nothing that compares favorably against GR.

-The weapons are fantasy themed, and it happens the same that happens with almost every fantasy FPS since the beginnings of the genre (Heretic onwards), where firing a magic wand that does ‘psh psh psh’ feels less good than firing a badass smg. Same with the magical books, staffs, etc. Even when you have a magical spells that seems like broadly based on the idea of a shotgun, with a wide fire pattern, it still doesn’t feel as good as a good shotgun.
-Even if we were to forget that issue, in general, weapons are less animated and sound less good. They aren’t terrible, but they are a bit mediocre.
-They also offer less what I feel is weapon variety, with all of them being pretty similar as they all fit inside 4 niches: starting wands (that you will forget once you have two normal weapons), staffs, books, and alchemy (crossbows, Blunderbuss, cannons). So all staffs feel similar, except the elemental type changes and some small gameplay difference (short burst vs long burst, auto, projectiles fired in a cross pattern, etc).
-Nor they change as as much as in GR with random properties or upgrades. And forget anything fancy like elemental combos or gemini inscriptions.
-Gameplay wise, not having weapon reloads nor grenades nor melee hurts the depth.
-It has 11 heroes, but again, less depth in in GR, stats wise they only vary in health and ammo capacity, not in movement/shields. They only have one usable ability and the rest are small passive effects. They of course, don’t have the ascensions of GR that make each run more unique. IMO they should have halved the number of heroes and made them even more different.
-The metaprogression is terrible, it’s the standard straight, small and boring ugprades: “+5 hp”, “+5% gold”, “+2% exp” , “+4% ammo”, “+2% dmg”. etc
-Perks are also less interesting that scrolls. They have a good numbers of them!, and they aren’t bad, but they are… standard in the genre. Should i take “Minions move 5% slower” , “Champion enemies have -10% health” ," -5% Fire Rate. +12% Damage", “Armor: -10% Basic damage received” , “Increases Damage dealt by Alchemy weapons by 15%. Decreases damage for other weapon categories by 5%”, “You earn some Mana when picking up Coins” or “Increases Fire Rate while stationary by 20%” ? (All taken from the wiki) Whatever.
-Enemy variety seems good seeing the number in the encyclopedia. But each one has two or even three reskinned versions, so the real variety is notably smaller. Even worse, 80% aren’t very interesting, you have three ‘melee rushers’, that makes you run backwards while firing, and you have lots and lots of projectile throwers. Only a few do something extra, like exploding upon death, or firing with a beam instead of a projectile, or having a shield, or being able to side strafe sometimes. Heck, I think I have spoiled most already.
-Something I noticed in my last games is that lots of enemies are just… boring to fight. In reality, with a few exceptions, lots of them move very slowly, so the moment to moment gameplay is similar to firing immobile turrets. If they hit you sometimes is because they know to aim to where you will be, not to your current position, apart from spawning all around (and behind you).
-Another contributing factor is the enemy encounter design (if design is the word…). Lots of times they just throw a bunch of enemies of two types and that’s it.
-Environments are all different themes applied to the same procedural dungeon, it doesn’t get to break the pace like GR with small pieces of open world in beaches or in a desert.

I’ve really been enjoying Into the Pit. A lot. I guess the aesthetic is down to personal taste, but I love the LSD vibe. But more to the point, the moment-to-moment combat is excellent, with great mobility and energy. The music is particularly great and really drives the intensity of the action, as you face off known enemies with specific behavioural traits.

But the meta structure is appealing too. You start off picking from a selection of weapons for each hand, and a defensive trait, and then take on four arenas (each with a choice of rewards and theme) over 5 depths. Each arena can generally be beaten in a couple of minutes, so it’s a high intensity dash to destroy a number of keystones. Each takes a few seconds to shatter so it pays to kill enemies and pick up the resource shards for that arena. Upon beating each arena you can pick from three upgrades to either weapon or defence. The end result is a fast, dynamic run where you mold your combat abilities quickly. At end point you can choose to cut and run and keep your loot, or press on and face potential death and loss of everything. Once you return to the village (including beating a dungeon) you lose all your upgrades and start the next dungeon afresh.

Once you reach the dungeon’s boss you can unlock additional dungeons, each of which contains 3 villagers, and collecting villagers unlocks additional features in the home village. I just really enjoy the combat in this, and there’s enough strategic decisions to be made with choosing arenas and upgrades to keep it interesting.

I knew it was gonna be up your alley!

It’s up my alley, in my backyard, in the house, down the stairs into the basement, and tied up to a chair.

Wait, that was weird. I guess it’s Halloween right? Yeah, that’s it. Phew.

In early access now, nice. The new variety in environments look great. Between that, weapon attachments, and the new chrono trooper class I think I’m in danger of buying another game in EA.

He posted an article explaining the new features

A review of the status of EA games:

Gunfire Reborn 1.0 will be out tomorrow.

Nova Drift status is still the same. The promised content in 2021 is still not here, and we are close to end of year.

Adore devs say they are close to 1.0 version. Here it’s their last video

Rogue Spirit will increase in content a lot in the coming months, or so they say

Roboquest launched 0.7 at the start of the month, and it’s looking better than before. They replaced their ‘cores’ feature (that gave boring passive small buffs) by a more normal ‘items’ you pick up on a run, with different effects. They also have added weapon mods, that modify the alternate fire of the weapon.
They promise a content update for December.

I’m interested in Voidigo, they are updating the with new content at good pace. Anyone have it?

Orbital Bullet has a new trailer

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon had an update with a new weapon class, whips, and a new difficulty tier, easier than the default

Never Return is still very Early Access, but they are updating it at very quick pace.

Source of Madness has a new biome and class. Here is a small video

Finally, Unexplored 2 is looking superb, you can look at their twitter for updates