The Action Roguelite thread

I just started Hades, and I can see why people love it. They have polished the combat in the last year, now it’s faster and it flows better, it really reminds me of a isometric Dead Cells. For now I lost three times to Megaera, but she is doable, I’d say I will beat her in two more tries.


Not sure about the sequel.

Almost. I beat her in three.

This one has bits reminiscent of Hades, Slay the Spire, and Darkest Dungeon

I really love the look of this, so I’m impatiently waiting for it to get a little closer to release.

Wait… did no one put Hand of Fate in here? For shame!

Huh. Granted, I only played about 20 minutes of Hand of Fate, but I came away with the impression it was a card game, not an action Roguelite. Am I thinking of a different game maybe?

It’s an action roguelite with an FTL-like design, except better. The little vignettes in FTL are self-contained, whereas here they continue in serialized fashion when you draw the sequel’s card after you’ve unlocked it by completing the previous one. It’s awesome. It’s also a deckbuilder, but at least in the first game, that aspect isn’t emphasized too much IMO.

Updates on Hades, after playing a bit more of 7 hours: Yes, it’s an excellent game, together Dead Cells they both are the best action roguelites in the market.

Beside the 2 mentioned. Are there any other games with good combat you would recommend?

I hate this too. I like weighing up my options but this almost always feels like work. That said, I’m keen to try Dead Cells at some point.

I don’t recall anyone mentioning Cryptark:

…and by extension, Void Bastards:

I liked Cryptark a lot.

In other news, Dead Cell has sold 3 million copies and have a new update.

Also people like the genre. Right now in Steam, at least in my region, the bestsellers are 1) Hades, 2)Issac Rebirth and 9) Skull Hero Slayer, still in EA

Skul looks good but still in EA… I might have to break my non-EA purchase rule like I did for Dead Cells.

In other news. I saw an interesting game in EA too. It’s a monster taming, action roguelike.

I beat Dead Cells with 1BC… I’m a hero!

…wait, there’s more?

Did you guys actually finish the game on max difficulty?

Hell no. I beat 0BC, 1BC and… I think I actually beat 2BC but only once, with a very OP build? Or did I get super close to do it? I can’t remember at this point. But in no way I advanced beyond that.

Ok, I played Hades for close to 25 hours. Time to make a silly comparison! Dead Cells vs Hades

I think I’m going to actually give Hades the edge in how the combat develops, if only because it’s isometric, that allows for two real axis of freedom, vs Dead Cells 2d platform paradigm. Where yes, you can jump, climb up or down platforms, and in fact some enemies behave differently (some can jump platforms, other can’t, some can fire through walls, others can’t) but it isn’t the same.

On the other hand I will give Dead Cells the edge on pure visceral feeling of the action. the chunky sounds, the freeze frames and flashes, the gore, stuff like the stomp the ceiling and crushing down someone below, it’s superb.

In weapons & item variety, Dead Cells wins, with… 120sih? different implements of death, each one differently animated, with different stats and gimmicks. The game mixes everything, from melee weapons to bows, crossbows, two-handers, magic spells, curses, gadgets, traps, grenades, etc. Hades has more variety than it seems at first, with the weapon aspects and some radical modifiers you can fin while playing, but still I prefer DC’s design.

Hades wins in build variety, as the game is focused on that, on obtaining ~15 boons per run and mixing and matching them in different ways, creating synergies between them, your weapon and your keepsake. There are thousands of permutations. Hell there is the mirror too, that affects your build also. DC is more humble in this regard, with just up to three mutators to choose, three main stats to upgrade, and upgrade stats and random affixes for your weapons.

Biome and level variety, Dead Cells takes the win, 16 different biome themes are more than four, and the procedural generation makes more unique-ish layouts vs the limited room layout pool Hades have, I know already most of them by memory.

Plot and characterization, well, doh, obviously Hades wins.

Enemy variety is for Dead Cells, Hades isn’t bad, but I guess it’s an unfair comparison, as DC has obtained new enemies in the post-game support.

Huh, so there is a Way of the Samurai spinoff Mystery Dungeon action game.

There’s even a Shiren DLC to prove their roguelike bona fides.

The reviews seem pretty bad, though.

I hereby declare Watch Dogs Legion an action roguelite

This reminds me of a 3d version of Streets of Rogue. You die, you switch to a new character with new stats and unique powers, with a wide array of ‘classes’, from police and spies to hooligan and grannies.

So if anyone cares, I caved in and bought it.

It’s a mix of Way of the Samurai’s action and sword fetish, Recettear’s debt-repaying shop sim and Shiren’s mystery dungeon roguelike.

It’s a bit barebones, but it’s kinda fun and does the job. It’s the closest thing to a Sekiroguelike there is right now, I guess. You can block at the perfect moment and go schwing and teleport on the other side of the guy and he drops dead. What more could you ask for? Don’t expect the same quality in the controls, though: movement is kinda slow and unresponsive and attacks don’t seem to have the reach they should have.

That sounds awesome to me, concept-wise, but execution is oh-so-important.