The action roguelite thread

I have to finish RL2 twice? Ugh. I’ve only beat 3 bosses and have put SO much time in!

2 times for the basic ending, 8+ times for the final ending like in Hades.

Have anyone played the boss-centric The Void Rains Upon Hear Heart? (I love poetic names like this, btw) I heard good things about it

Also, a trailer for the summon-monster roguelite Adore. I think it’s getting close to 1.0 release

I installed and tried Curse of the Dead God briefly last week, since it’s leaving Game Pass soon.

Not bad. Since they had a crossover with Dead Cells, I was expecting that kind of sideways perspective gameplay, but the gameplay feels very similar to Hades instead. It’s cool so far. Pretty tough though. I died in the third or so level. There seems to be no way to get health back, except to find levels on the map with health.

I enjoyed that one quite a bit and wound up finishing it.

There are a few different conditional healing affixes that can help, but yeah, for the most part you have to be careful and avoid damage as much as possible.

A mix of roguelite + Smash Brothers.

Cult of the Lamb will be out in two days. It features a more heavy side of base management than I supposed. You recruit npcs, give them orders, you can sacrifice them, get resources…

Cult of the Lamb is reviewing well

I bought it. Though not sure how much I’ll play with this lamb, since there’s a spider right around the corner. ;)

There are spiders in this lamb game?

I’m the jerk that loves spiders. I apologize.

I hope there are plenty of spiders in this game!

The other game I was referring to has a spider, a scorpion, an octopus, a black cat, a rhino… it’s a zoo out there! :D

Fish? Fish are my favorite.

I think Cult of the Lamb has fish, yeah. I’m not sure the other game has fish. It’s a zoo but it’s not that kind of zoo.

Neophyte is in Steam now. It’s basically the same game, as in it feels the same, but it has some more content

IMO the movement and the game in general is a bit too slow. You are slow, and the hordes of enemies are slow.

Neophyte seems awesome, but it needs more spells/etc so there’s more build diversity from run to run. Hopefully that will improve in EA. I could see them adding a faster mode like vampire survivors did, for those that want it.

I beat Neophyte one time, unlocking the next difficulty level.

This may sound bad or entitled because the game is very cheap, but well, when I play a game I judge it as is, not relative to the price. The thing is, it still needs more content, 22 spells are nowhere enough for this type of game. Because every active thing is a spell in this game, the 22 number includes the basic punch and other similar spells, and every movement or utility spell. So in total, I’d say the game needs around 60 spells for the core idea of arena action roguelite to shine.

The arenas and enemy encounter design could also be improved, two of the three are featureless boxes. And hordes results samey, they are mostly the same waves of slow enemies with the sameish HP, with a few sparse elite enemies distributed randomly. Preset ‘hand crafted’ waves of enemies, picked randomly could be put in between the random hordes.

Voidigo introduces coop:

I don’t remember if this was posted. Well, here it goes

Some interesting games are coming:

-Brotato will go from just demo to EA game in a few days, as pointed in the Brotato thread

-Shovel Knight Dig releases today, I didn’t know it was a roguelite:

-The same with Tiny Rogues, which seems to be also in the same genre of arena action roguelites that Brotato and Neophyte are in:

It combines a decidedly retro look with more modern, almost bullet hell-like gameplay

Tiny Rogues is only 3.5€ so I bought it. And it’s good!

Still playing Rogue Legacy 2. I just got the void dash. Can’t for the life of me beat the 2 void bosses off on the left side of that zone though.