The action roguelite thread

I don’t remember if this was posted. Well, here it goes

Some interesting games are coming:

-Brotato will go from just demo to EA game in a few days, as pointed in the Brotato thread

-Shovel Knight Dig releases today, I didn’t know it was a roguelite:

-The same with Tiny Rogues, which seems to be also in the same genre of arena action roguelites that Brotato and Neophyte are in:

It combines a decidedly retro look with more modern, almost bullet hell-like gameplay

Tiny Rogues is only 3.5€ so I bought it. And it’s good!

Still playing Rogue Legacy 2. I just got the void dash. Can’t for the life of me beat the 2 void bosses off on the left side of that zone though.

Tiny Rogues impressions. This is great little gem of a game. It’s actually a very simple action game: you move and shoot in an arena (even the melee weapons are like short ranged weapons) and the enemies do the same, move and shoot. There is no advanced parry system nor animation driven combo attacks, nor anything like that, you hold mouse1 to attack. There is no exploration aspects nor advanced rpg character build aspects (it’s a more basic str/dex/int + 1 perk per level system, Brotato wins in that regard). Much less attempts to have a narrative. But inside the limited constraints of game like this, it’s very good:
-The movement is simple but well tuned, not too slow, nor too fast and uncontrollable, and always snappy, with a nice dash.
-The combat visibility is clear thanks to the high contrast between the color sprites and black background, special enemy attacks have an indicator before they happen, and while at some point on the later stages the screen can have lots of sprite enemies and sprite attacks you have to interpret, the different colors make it possible.
-Perhaps what is most important, in a game about killing enemies, there is a good variety in both enemies to kill and things to use to kill enemies. All enemies have different move and fire patterns: from boars that would charge and stun themselves on the walls, to snakes that move in S leaving projectiles behind floating, to vines that expand towards your direction, to slimes that jump around, big ogres that stomp the ground with their first doing an aoe attack, enemies that dash around very quickly (the game shows the path before the dash), enemies that explode on death (or drop new enemies, like groups of bees), or that fire a continous but slow moving laser, ghosts that can disappear and reappear, immobile enemies that fire bursts of projectiles, or devils that throw a trident and you have to be aware the trident come back to their hands later, well, you get the idea.
-Same with the weapons. I have seen several weapons after several runs, and the game doesn’t seem to fall in the trap of varying damage stats vs attack speed and that’s it. 90% of them were different enough. A hunting bow, a winged bow, a thompson machine gun and a super shotgun are all ranged weapons that felt different, they all had their own pros and cons, in range, crit chance, damage, attack speed, magazine size, special effects, etc. A slime wand slow down enemies, an arc staff would chain lightning groups of them, a fire staff did an aoe attack with burn effect but the projectile flew in high parabola volleys, a sword have short range, a aztec mace had a wide attack sprite and explode enemies, a spear attack in bursts of 3 attacks unlike other melee weapons, etc.
-Itemization beyond the weapons is also decent: there is a good mix of items that would give some stat buff (+1 to Armor or to Special Hearts or Mana, or +15% to a damage type, or +20 to range, etc) and items with unique effects, like leaving a fire trail, or having an always rotating ring of thorns, or making you do damage in your dashes.

It’s still missing a few things I would like, like an option for shorter runs (the game would be ideal for when you want a short burst of 15-20 min of gaming, but runs are more around 30-35 minutes), and difficulty options (but this is coming, the dev says he wants an Hades-like system). I also would like a npc to sell my unused loot, pet peeve of mine, but I hate when you have to just drop it in the ground! :P

Nova Drift update:

Continuing with Tiny Rogues, I made a post in the steam forum so the dev would see it, imo there is a bit too much RNG, in lots of runs you won’t be able to get a appropriate build combining your class,weapon and equipment,there aren’t enough times you get a weapon and equipment item for that (taking in account 2/3 of the times the game will give something useless, like a mage hat for your warrior or an axe for your archer)

I should try Nova Drift again. I can’t remember why I hated the game so much when I first bought it, but hopefully whatever that reason was has been remedied by now. I remember being really angry at myself for buying an early Access game.

Yeah, it didn’t click with me either - I think it was something about the controls that didn’t feel ‘right’.

Much like Synthetik, I probably didn’t give it enough time to get its hooks in before setting it aside.

I can’t imagine what. Nova Drift is so much fun. I think it really sets the standard for build diversity too (and they keep adding more, of course).

Tiny Rogues run completed with wizard, yay!

(Death was killed in a few seconds, poor guy)

Depends how you count it, Brotato has better build variety. The difference is that the different builds in Nova Drift affect more how you play directly, while the gameplay in Brotato is more limited, it has more stats and the build differences are somewhat more passive because of that (ie: have great health pool vs great life steal vs great armor vs great hp regen vs great dogdge chance).

So it can argued the build differences in Nova Drift are worth twice the ones in Brotato, for your internal metric.

I would hard disagree, but to each their own, I guess

I played some Nova Drift yesterday. Not bad. It’s like Asteroids. The menu seem seems to be confusing and hard to navigate, but I think that’s only because it’s in early access and it insists on having a bunch of things in the menu that are all greyed out. You really have access to only one game mode, so it’s kind of confusing.

Once in the game, you rotate your ship, and one trigger is boosters and the other trigger is guns. Unlike last time I played, this is displayed in a little helpful image on the screen, so I knew how to play this time.

I had a couple of runs, and I’m still not sure if I will have fun with this game or not when it comes out, but it has potential.

In one run, I had a rail gun and it was important to aim correctly, which was pretty hard given the controls. So when I died, on my second run I concentrated on a build where my drones were built up and aiming was less important. On that run I died to a huge boss thing. Pro Tip: Even though the giant boss has a hole to fly into, don’t fly into it! You’ll die.

There still seems some kind of disconnect between what I want to do, and actually doing it. I don’t know if that just requires practice or if the controls kind of suck or maybe it’s just not my type of game. Anyway, I’ll be sure to try it again once it leaves Early Access.

You should unlock the rest fairly quickly.

Be aware there are a lot of other things you will be unlocking as well, like different ships, weapons, shields, and enhancements.

You need to fly in there! Go in when it’s quiet, but be prepared to leave in a hurry.

Because of thrust, momentum, perhaps? Maybe try spending a little more time with it to see if it clicks?

I don’t know how, lol. It has 28 character archetypes, dozens of weapons, you can mix and match any weapon, it has hundreds of perks, it has 16 stats you can upgrade individually…

Because for the most part, and this may be what you were alluding to earlier, the character archetypes do the vast majority of the listing when defining what a run is going to look like. Functionally speaking, runs with a particular character are going to be pretty similar, even though the individual weapons and perks might vary, because most characters lean into a specific thing.

Please don’t misunderstand. I think Brotato is one of the best bullet heaven games. I don’t think it should be compared to Nova Drift, though. I think they are very different animals.

I was told to check out Archvale (in Gamepass) as something similar to Tiny Rogues and yeah, it’s pretty similar. It’s the non-arena roguelite version, instead it seems to be a normal action dungeon crawler, but apart from that, it has:

-small character sprite
-same hearts for health and green points for your dashes
-same invincibility frames in the dash, as essential tool to avoid enemy fire
-bullet hell inspired combat, with enemies firing bullets around
-same idea of ‘slash sprite projectile’ for your melee weapons, with longer weapons having a more far reaching sprite
-exact same idea of ‘enemies drop stars that power up your magic damage’. I thought it a weird idea for Tiny Rogues and I see now it was taken from here.
-same limited inventory (although you have 3 slots here, instead of 5)
-same blacksmith that you pay to give +1 to your weapons.

-Voidigo seems almost done as it has reached 0.9 version, with a new world and 3 new weapons.
-Dead Cells released their boss rush update.
-Roboquest also got a new update with a dozen new enemies and a new boss, and in general it’s being GunfireReborn-ing it.
-Astral Ascent has also a new update with a new zone, and it’s looking pretty

-Have a nice Death also has new content, new enemies and bosses

-Synthetik 2 had surprisingly low scores, given that the first part was very well liked, but it seems they are turning things around with the last, very meaty update

Tiny Rogues has the first substantial patch, where the metapogression and balance changes

Brotato also has some changes, like you can save:

  • Runs are now saved at every shop and can be resumed after exiting the game (or crashing)

and some changes in how healing works:

  • All characters now gain +1 Max HP upon levelling up
  • HP Regeneration now restores 1 HP every x seconds where x is lowered by having more HP Regeneration
  • Fruits and crates no longer get attracted when you’re at full health
  • Crates now heal as much as Fruits
  • Shops before wave 3 now have 2 weapons and 2 items, those before wave 6 at least 1 weapon

Good to see that Synthetik 2 is chugging along. I’ll pick that one up eventually, but I’m waiting for basically full release (or maybe just full multiplayer support) before I actually dig in. Though hopefully they turn down some of that postprocessing and color filters. It was too much in the first demo and the screenshots of the latest updates make it look even more pronounced.