The action roguelite thread

Ah, I own both of these and I often hear Hand of Fate 1 being preferred to the sequel as well.

IMO the combat is just too hard in the sequel (and a tad too easy, but still good, in the prequel). The game is a brilliant mix of combat, cards and narrative, and every time I come back to the sequel, I die miserably and make little narrative progress.

And I love this thread for that. Exploring my personal flavors of the terminology soup, I’ll accept roguelike without dungeon crawling or turns. The biggest factor that I think wrongly gets lumped into roguelike is permanent progression.

Now Returnal forces me to decide with more nuance where to draw that line. It doesn’t have any permanent power progression, at least not directly to how the character starts a run. A lot of the unlocks help pace the learning, which I like and won’t hold against it. The crucial factor is that weapons gain more available traits through additional play, making them distinctly more powerful than when trait-less.

Yet, I don’t know that the actual effect in play is any different from a game where all loot can drop the first time. The first time I won’t know anything about optimal play. I will miss the best single or combo choices. Returnal unlocks weapon traits through use, forcing familiarity with how the weapon behaves and making the new trait felt. Which traits appear on a weapon, and which weapon type drops, are randomly determined. That feels really in-line with my take on the roguelike ethos for players: learn the system and make do with what appears.

Good preset! I’d say they just allowed anything on Steam with any tag having “rogue” in its text.

To my surprise, a roguelite game has release WITHOUT GOING FIRST IN EARLY ACCESS.
You can do that?! What witchery is this?

And Fabular has now custom difficulties

From the creators of Curse of the Dead Gods, it has a similar art style & perspective, but it seems more varied (6 heroes, on EA)

Curse of the Dead Gods was a respectable first game, so I’m quite hopeful for Ravenswatch. In whatever year it emerges from early access, that is.

The new hyperlight will be a roguelite. Some inspiration from RoR2 maybe?

Have a nice death 1.0 is out

I had Have a Nice Death since it launched into Early Access and higly recommend it. Sweet visuals and really snappy controls. It’s a delight to zip around, and the weapons and spells feel satisfying.

So Endless Dungeon will also have tower defense?

(Coming May 18th)

I hope so because that was one of the key ingredients in Dungeon of the Endless’ weird mix. I’m fascinated to see how Amplitude handle the move to more real-time, twin-stick action with time rather than ‘door-based’ waves. Defending your rooms and resource generators while searching for new gear, researching new technology and finding the elevator off each floor was a key part of the experience and I’ve got a feeling that general loop will remain intact for Endless Dungeon. Ah:

The primary objective is to blast your way through the station room by room, while mowing through the hordes along the way, while crafting a safe path to escort the Crystal bot out of the area and into the next one. Some rooms contain monster spawners, and the more you unlock, the more overwhelming these waves will become. Even opening doors requires strategy; if you enter a new room that’s too close to your Crystal bot, it might allow swarms to reach and chew it apart faster. If you’re unlucky, you’ll trigger a rare, deadlier wave with much tougher enemies. This is an extremely rare occurrence, (although we encountered this on our third wave, making for some extra chaos).

Sounds great!

Ah gad. The rain. Speaking of which, there’s the Risk of Rain Remake due at some point this year as well…

Ravenswatch coop stream

Your should make a thread for that one.

I love what imo is the main idea of the game, instead of getting variety by having random perks, random weapons etc (like for example , in Dead Cells or Gunfire), go the MOBA route and have several different heroes, each with a theme, a way of playing, a handcrafted set of abilities and attacks, etc. They are launching in EA with 6 heroes already, and some are pretty unique, so that’s looking good.

But the combat itself remindsme somewhat more to Diablo than DC, with enemies that are a bit tanky and all that. Also, Curse of Dead Gods was a bit too hard for me, so I will stay vigilant for now, and I will make a thread if seems worth it.

Agree with you on pretty much all of that. I think there are random upgrades, though, or at least upgrades chosen from a pool. The upgrade system reminds me of Hades, from what I’ve seen.

Tiny Rogues new update

  • 4 New Classes!
  • 4 New Starter Gifts and 2 Reworked Gifts!
  • 26 New Weapons!
  • New Health Flask Feature!
  • New Dice Bag Feature!
  • New Lethal Bar Feature!
  • 3 New Achievements!

I will eventually make a thread about this game.

On the one hand: nooooo, I was looking forward to playing this in May! On the other hand, good on them for spending more time on ironing out whatever kinks there may be.

Surprising. It isn’t a three or four weeks delay, but five months.

Have a roguelite where you play as a cute witch in her broom, for only 5€