The Action Roguelite thread

I just learned that SuperHot Mind Control Delete is something akin to a roguelite, so I guess another game to talk about!

It finally has a firm release date: November 10th.

That means we’re up to a 70% chance of it actually releasing in 2020.

It’s so good!

Skul: Hero Slayer update, includes three new skulls

Sometimes I think indie developers create the gifs first and then try to fit a game around them.

The gifs are always amazing. The gameplay can be hit or miss.

I watched two YT videos and gameplay wise, it obviously remember to Dead Cells as it’s the other 2d platform action roguelite, but the pace is a bit slower, less frenetic. Combat encounters are notably longer, it seems enemies have 2-3x more health than in DC. The gimmick here is obviously the class system, instead of selecting weapons or skills, you can swap classes, each one has a predetermined set of weapons, passives and abilities; there are two dozens, but as seen above, they are adding more.

I finally found a way to attempt to play Enter the Gungeon, game which I had bounced of at least two time previously.

The solution? To manually adjust the difficulty with mod loader. Install this
and then type in the console “give master_round_1 2”. That gives me two extra hearts. Enough to not die always on the second stage.

Hang in there. I found it incredibly difficult at first, but after remapping the controller and putting a good amount of time into it, I finally got my first DraGun kill just the other week. Unlocking vendors and weapons will help too.

The problem with it for me is that if you suck, like me, it is very difficult to progress, because you need to kill bosses to get progression currency.

Hades is on sale again at Epic and I have a coupon, so I might pick it up for 10, now that I know about the more that gives you Damage resist

Trust me, I’m one of the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked.

Oh my friend, in this forums who sucks the most can be argued…

Speaking of Gungeon, have anyone played Exit the Gungeon?

It seems much less well regarded than Enter the Gungeon, but most complaints are about the random weapon system, which they changed it a bit on the last update last week.

I played a dozen of runs with cheats. I advanced further with them, seeing new levels and enemies. I rescued 3 npcs, and unlocked a handful of new weapons and items. I even got slightly better at the game after a while, being hit less. But my skills were still pretty far away from actually beating the game, even with 4 extra hearts.
In the end, even with new weapons and more health, I dropped the game. I just don’t like the combat that much.

And another one

Seems a mix between Hades and Wizard of Legend cards and Dead Cells progression

Undermine will be released today on Steam… and Gamepass!

Undermine first impressions

Combat is… mediocre, overall. It’s more Binding of Isaac than Dead Cells.
It doesn’t feel smooth, as it doesn’t allow to move and attack, you stop when you attack.
It has a very vertical ‘topdown’ perspective, so it’s weird they chose jump as the avoid action, instead of roll.
Colliding with enemies doesn’t hurt you. Combat pace is overall slow.
In exchange of that, it’s one of those roguelites where it’s hard to heal yourself. You don’t do it between floors or anything like that.
Traps can be triggered and also hurt enemies.
It’s heavily based on metaprogression. It’s ‘one of those’. You buy from basic mechanics like seeing enemies HP bar to extra hp, extra damage, extra amount of gold not lost on game over, extra bomb damage, etc
The currency used to buy items in the runs is the same as the unlocks for the meta progression, so you have to decide what’s more important, up to a point.
About the passives and perks you gain, it doesn’t seem it goes very crazy in combinatorial varied builds, unlike Hades.
It doesn’t have difficulty selection, at least not right now. Dunno if it’s unlocked when you finish the game for the first time.

Wow, that’s nice art!

Are you shitting me? The game (or Xbox for pc, whatever) has lost my save progress :( :(

I reached the second area in Undermine. I’m going to sound harsh but,
What’s the main selling point here? What’s the highlight? The thing you have that others don’t have?

You don’t have the awesome combat of Synthetik, Dead Cells or Wizard of Legend
Nor the deep character builds of Hades
Nor the coop of Risk of Rain 2
Nor the systemic emergent gameplay of Streets of Rogue
Nor the variety of weapons of Enter the Gungeon or Dead Cells
Nor the art of Children of Morta or Hades
Nor the scenario variety of Dead Cells
Nor the classes of Morta or Streets of Rogue or Dredgers
Nor the destruction of Noita
Nor the procedural generation of Unexplored

You have… progression. A hard game that turns increasingly doable once you accumulate a mix of both ingame progression and player progression (skill, knowledge). That’s it.
It’s my intuition that there are some people who love that aspect, it’s why this style of game sells. They can ignore the rest if it has a strong progression.