The action roguelite thread

I wonder if they reviewed 1.0 or the last beta… I’m not at my gaming PC so I can’t tell if 1.0 is pushed to Epic yet.

Releases tomorrow, I didn’t try the beta despite backing it. They just sent me my steam key as well, my name may be in the credits so it may be hard to give an unbiased opinion. I know it will be in @tomchick 's top 10 list at least.

Good! although PC gamer are less hyped

Across these two reviews it sounds like we should brace for at least a moderate helping of bugs along with our waybread in 1.0. I’m a little disappointed, but ultimately okay with that. Though depending on how severe the issues are, I may hold off on really digging in.

Yeah it doesn’t sound good!

PC Gamer:

Although future updates have been promised, the “full release” build (the developers’ description) I played for review is currently too broken to interact with as intended, and this uncertainty taints every challenge my Wayfarer faces.

I’ve tried Unexplored 2 a few times, during beta. I really really want to like it. That said, I struggled some with the very first quest, once or twice wondering if the procedural generation was broken. Granted, this was the beta, so it might have been broken.

It’s definitely a roguelike in the sense of the word, though. If you’re not careful, it’s rather easy to die in the first 10 minutes.

I was not a fan of the floaty feel of the combat.

1.0 impressions: Noticeable performance issues, even on a competent VR gaming rig. It feels worse than the betas. There is a lot of polish that needs to be added in pretty much every aspect of the game, with many visual glitches in menus, and hitching that occurs whenever pretty much anything happens. Even controller support had weird glitches right out of the box (button bindings were wrong at first for an Xinput controller, but after a few seconds, fixed themselves?).

Every time I sit down to play single player games (not super often these days) and I think about playing Caves of Qud or Stranger of Paradise or what have you, I end up playing Rogue Legacy 2 instead. It is just so easy to pick up and play and is very much a “one more run” kind of game. I’ve unlocked a bunch of classes and have beaten two bosses and reached four different areas (that I can go through, two others I can’t due to lack of heirloom), and man it’s such a good little game. I prefer the art style of Dead Cells but I think I like the moment to moment gameplay of this one quite a bit more.

So, Unexplored 2? This seems to be the thread here with the most mentions…

I picked it up today on XSX (currently $22), and I like it but it seems a bit buggy, still. I ran through the tutorial, the prologue, and a couple characters that died and restarted, as that’s the structure of the game. The I decided now that I ‘know what I’m doing’, I restarted the world completely. When choosing the new world, it doesn’t let me de/select the ‘specific content’ options anymore. And when I die now, it says I haven reached Haven yet, so I can’t continue with a new character in that world… even though I have (and yes, talked to the Lore Master, etc) So that’s a problem, because as mentioned, that’s kind of the point of the game.

Other than that, I’m liking it- I like the sense of exploration and discovery. Combat is a bit meh, and I really wish there were a proper lock-on. Loading screens are very frequent, though, and while relatively speedy on the XSX, they take long enough they’re really disrupting the flow of the game.

So I finally finished Rogue Legacy 2 100% achievement. Got to NG+13


This is probably my going to be my favorite game for this year. Unless @Lykurgos know of an amazing card game that coming out of EA.

The grinding in this game is not what people say. I never grinded in this game. I never felt that the bonuses the gold provided gave me a huge uplift except for 2 things.

the triple jump and dash). Once you get those the game opens up in a way crazy way.
The only really negative thing I have to say is that there are 3 classes are much better with a M+Kb due to how the aiming works for ranged attacks.

I’m waiting until it’s patched a bit, meanwhile I’m playing a pair of other games.

Incoming from the makers of Monster Train, but not until 2023, so Rogue Legacy 2 is safe for now :-P

Also not a card game!

Well, it was patched this morning. Seems to have fixed my Lagacy bug- but that may be because I erased all save data last night and played through the tutorial again when I started this morning. Took my forever to die to test it, though, heh. I did get a new bug- it hung on loading a new area I was exploring, and then when I reloaded, camera was ‘glitchy’, a little. So, probably still. needs some patching, but at least the core game system seems to be working.

He has released 5 patches since release. The last one had 25 fixes. Which, in a way, indicates the game still isn’t finished, it seems it needs a pair of months more in the oven.

Ouch. And I thought I’d got lucky getting the patch the next day after I’d bought it. Turns out patch day is every day! Ah, well. Not going to have time to play for the next several days, anyway.

The new Devolver roguelite game, Cult of the Lamb, has now a demo

It will release on August.

Two more candidates for the thread

Rotwood is a more traditional 4 player crawler, but it seems it will have some roguelite aspects too.

Like many of the Amplitude Studios games, it will mix some genres, but it sems the base is an action roguelite.

Endless Dungeon looks like a remake of Dungeon of the Endless to me - some stuff sounds a little different but the core of transporting the crystal around and defending it with tower defense and your heroes seems pretty similar.

Yeah, but the transition to real time action is a big change.

In what sense? It was already a real time game.