The action roguelite thread

WoL2, it’s looking better

and Elsie, I think this game was announced ages ago, at least now there is a demo

edit: and still another one, Atomic Picnic

A weird but intriguing mix of hack and slash, roguelike, coop, Scottish and fantasy.

and the new roguelite from the Dead Cells creator

Windblown, showing a lil more

And Odinfall looks fun!

Ravenswatch doesn’t have a thread?

It doesn’t. Feel free to create one, though!

Some new trailers for games we already knew about, they all still have to release.

Dragon is Dead is now out in EA, but it seems it released a bit too early, early report say it’s buggy/combat doesn’t flow too well

I haven’t played it. Interested, though. The new update lets you tailor the difficulty with various modifiers.

A very similar game to Hades, but with 4 classes, and 4 player coop

still unreleased, although there is a demo on Steam

I hadn’t heard of this.