The Adobe Software Thread

Crazy, crazy stuff. AI effectively doubles the resolution of photos. Technically shipping now in ACR 13.2, but it’s not yet pushed out to Lightroom.



This is neat o.

It’s really cool tech, but despite the Abode PR talking like they’ve invented something new it has been around for a while outside of PS. :)

Check out Topaz Gigapixel AI for example:

They also have a bunch of other AI-assisted tools like masking, de-noising, and video enhancement.

Yep a Mac app has had if for awhile as well. Pixelmator Pro. It is pretty neat, but don’t expect miracles. I tried to use it on some old 640x480 pictures I have from my first digital camera. I could never get them to actually look good. Of course I had no idea what I was doing, so that could be 100% my fault. Or the app sucks…

Oh, so this will be the thing we see in TV dramas when the genius tech guy takes a grainy, impossible to read photo of a license plate and with a few keystrokes makes it crystal clear?

I’d bet money they called the feature “Enhance” as a tribute to the similar feature that’s existed in TV procedurals for the past couple of decades.

Anyone know how this compares to Topaz Gigapixel AI? I have been getting amazing results with that for a year now, and I also like that one because it’s standalone.

I saw a comparison earlier, and they are pretty similar. Adobe does better in a couple, Topaz does better in a couple. Pics in the link:

Red Dwarf with the best take on it

I think this is hitting Lightroom very soon. The iPad version got updated with ACR 13.2 earlier today. Waiting for the PC version.

I’ve never even heard of Figma, but apparently it’s worth a lot of cheddar

Not quite as critical as Ligma

I use Figma daily. (It’s team-based design software.) It’s a great product with a quirky UI. When you see an Adobe acquisition as potentially improving the UX…

This is a really good thread about how legacy applications can’t be made into real-time collab apps.

Here’s another good post about why Adobe paid $20 billion for a start-up, which is the highest price for a start-up in a long while. In comparison, Google bought YouTube for only $1.65 billion.

If anyone’s lapsed Creative Cloud and wants to re sign up at 40% off I found a discount cart link

Adobe Lightroom just got AI-powered denoise, and, daaaaaaamn, it works nice. And to think I was recently thinking of picking up a $150 purchase of Topaz AI.

An example


That example of denoise in the video looked quite good.