The agony of owning a PC

UPDATE! After Googling the CRC/.cab file error I’ve been getting, I found that a lot of other people are getting it with a wide variety of games. I reinstalled my HP DVD-RW drivers, but no dice. Then, acting on Xpav’s advice, I wondered if it was maybe my RAM.

When I first installed this motherboard, I just put in 512MB of RAM. I then added another stick of Kingston 256MB DDR PC2100 about a month ago. I haven’t really installed anything in that time, so what I thought was a problem with my new XP appears to be my RAM, because once I pulled out that stick, Enclave works just fine now. Before I couldn’t go 10 - 15 seconds without a crash to the desktop, but I played for 30 minutes with no problem.

Giddy that I had found my problem, I tried to install Planetside again. Sadly, I got the same CRC error, but when I clicked on ignore, updated the game on the server, I was able to play for about an hour tonight.

I may still have powersupply issues, but I think a majority of my problems may be due to RAM. Strangely, the BIOS detected it just fine while I was using it, so I don’t know if it was physically corrupted or whether it was poorly seated.

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Heh, does anyone remember the Wide World of Sports? I watched that poor skier crash every week for years, it seemed.

RAM issues are hard because usually the stick isn’t dead, it appears to be working while minor defects corrupts the data in memory. Small amounts of wrong data add up and things go wonky pretty quickly, but it’s hard to nail down without using a dedicated memory test because there are so many other ways for data to be corrupted.

You got it right. Since I don’t plan to overclock I’ll just go ahead and use the default pad on the heatsink.

Now I’m just waiting for my case to get here…

I agree with replacing the PS. I would recommend an Antec 400w PS, which can be found at Newegg for $69.00 shipped

Antec P4 ATX12V 400 Watt Power Supply With 2 Fans - Retail

I would spend a bit of money, and get a good quality PS. Quality in the PS and good cooling goes a long way towards system stability.

59C board temp is rediculously high, too, if that hasn’t been mentioned already.


I noticed the motherboard you’re using is a Via board. Have you installed the latest chipset drivers?

I’m not sure if Windows Update includes updated Via drivers. If there are none, you can get the drivers directly from Via. The drivers used to be called 4-in-1 drivers, but I think they renamed it to Hyperion or something like that.

Note that using Via boards without proper chipset drivers is extremely frustrating as you will hit many IDE and memory problems.

Hope this helps. Good luck.