The All-Positive Star Wars Opinions Thread

That’s right, you jokers. I’m tired of wading through endless bitchery in every single Star Wars thread to get to useful information (which brings a thought to mind - if someone wanted to create the all-negative Star Wars thread to allow folks to purge those thoughts, might be useful, but it ain’t me babe) so here we are. I allow only positive thoughts. If you don’t have any, move on along. There’s probably a dozen threads to knife fight in. I want to hear the good stuff, so here goes:

Star Wars: yes, I saw this in its original run before it was A New Hope, so that’s what I call it. I was caught up in its plucking adventure from the first scene. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that my mother tells me it’s the first time I sat still.

The Empire Strikes Back: the good guys lose! This was earth-shaking to me, I don’t think I had seen this happen before. So many cool things happened here, and I loved Yoda.

Return of the Jedi: my favorite part of the movie is still Han’s rescue. All the good guys working together to bring down Janna was like watching a fun Star Wars heist.

The Phantom Menace: I still love the opening with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan tearing through the robots, seeing the Jedi at the height of their powers was pretty cool.

Attack of the Clones: Obi-Wan had the strongest story here, I enjoyed seeing him piece together the mystery of the clones. His battle with Jangonwas pretty cool too.

Revenge of the Sith: Seeing everything come crashing down was dramatic and interesting. The opener with rescuing Palpatine was a fun ride too.

The Force Awakens: I like the new gang, and it was fun seeing Han back in action again.

The Last Jedi: Luke as cranky old man who is too old for this shit was fun for me. Plus, I don’t mind seeing heroes fail.

I have to end there though because I haven’t seen Rogue One or Solo. But I can find something interesting in each movie even though I don’t consider myself much of a Star Wars fan these days. I’m curious if anyone else can, or if this topic will just slowly slide into obscurity. Have fun, or don’t! It’s all good.

(Props to @Rock8man for the idea)

I like Star Wars so much fucking more than you do that my love for Star Wars would strangle your love for Star Wars to death and then bury it in a shallow grave of false fandom!


P.S. Solo is like, the best Star Wars movie apart from ANH and RotJ, so you should watch it with your face.

I like where your head’s at. I’m also glad you live on the other side of the country.

Man, do you have any idea how often people say that to me?

Not often enough?

Solo is fine. Much better than I would have expected given the executive summary of the plot. I do like the way the ending is structured, it’s the best part of the movie. This, perhaps, because it is the least shackled to any previous backstory hints. I would actually have liked an entire movie that was only that.

But Rogue One is, in my eyes, the best of the Disney films by a mile. I know @ArmandoPenblade disagrees. And I understand why. I do not share his proclivities in story tone, and so I love the desperate tone.

Not in this thread, I don’t!

Rogue One is quite good, you should watch it. Solo is [censored by Dive^3 not allowing negativity], but totally worth a watch!

No no, disagreement is allowed. But try to tell us why you like X over Y, rather than why you think Y sucks, if you follow me.

I like ANH, RotJ, and TFA over ESB and RO almost purely because they end with the good guys blowing up the bad guys’ stuff and winning awesome victories over evil. I like Solo over ESB and RO because it’s basically 98% pure distilled Funcohol, with 2% some guy’s wife dying in a train heist but then the movie telling us not to feel bad about it because no one else in the movie appears to, so back to the fun!

ALL of these movies feature space ships and lasers and sometimes laserswords and aliens and space and space aliens, so those things are all good and wholesome and pure.

I knew you could do it. High five, man!

TLJ: The Luke, Rey, Kylo stuff is great. Chewie and the Porgs is surprisingly good. Finn’s a good character.

I am all-positive that I will not participate tn this thread. Positive comment; Star Wars sold a lotta toys, and still does!

Solo was the most StarWarsy film since RotJ. Even being slightly annoyed at the idea that every offhand remark from the original trilogy needs some sort of explanation, I enjoyed the heck out of it. To be fair I can see where most might feel the young Han doesn’t translate well into the old Han. I felt that too but was able to mentally ignore the differences between versions of the character where I wasn’t in the differences in TLJ.

That’s the spirit! Somebody made a crapload of money! Woohoo!

My 2 year old daughter likes to play with my vintage Bossk and Boba Fett Kenner action figures!

That’s positive, right?

As long as they weren’t part of your retirement package, sure why not!

It’s the unopened ones hidden in my closet that I’m pinning my retirement future on.

If market trends continue they may be worth as much as … (Dr. Evil pinky to mouth) … THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS

Counterpoint: Rogue One was the most Star Warsy film since ESB (see what I did there)

Naturally our difference of opinion strikes from what is important. For me the throughline of stealing the plans, with the climactic battle and Vader being a force of nature? That’s what deals it for me.

Oooh, I enjoyed R1 more than either off the main newer films. So while I like Solo a bit better, R1 is a close second.