The amazing ps3 2.0 firmware update is coming tomorrow zomg

unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything anyone actually wanted.

in game xmb? blu-ray profile 1.1 functionality? not yours.

London, 8 November 2007 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced today the availability of the latest version of the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) system software. Version 2.00 features the ability to turn a PS3 system on and off remotely, using a PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system via the Remote Play1 function, allowing for a truly mobile partnership between the two systems.
Building on the success and potential of the Remote Play functionality, Version 2.00 will cement the partnership between PS3 and PSP and create a truly global experience. With the ability to turn your PS3 on and off from Wi-fi connection, there is now the opportunity to listen to the music, look at the photos and watch the videos saved on the PS3 Hard Disk Drive, anywhere in the world.
To further enhance the PS3 offering, Version 2.00 allows for the creation of personalised playlists in both the music and photo sections. This simple to use function gives users an opportunity to create unlimited music playlists for all occasions, as well as sharing favourite photos in glorious high definition.
Continuing with the idea of a personalised PS3, Version 2.00 allows for customisation of the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu screen. Change the colour and brightness with the greatest of ease or have something completely different by setting a custom theme. With the potential for new backgrounds to become available on PLAYSTATION®Network in the future, Version 2.00 truly opens up a whole raft of options.
A host of other enhancements includes the addition of an Information Board on XMB to keep people up to date on the latest PlayStation® news, the inclusion of a new PLAYSTATION Network category and logo for easier navigation and Trend Micro Web Security, a free2, state of the art internet security system, designed to give parents peace of mind

I wanted that. Remote play’s pretty useless if you have to not only power up the PS3 manually, but navigate the menus to start it. By that time, you’ve already annoyed the person who was originally watching the TV and who you didn’t want to bother so you were using remote play.

For a 2.0 release that is very disappointing. I mean I saw in-game XMB implemented on the console in a PS3 review video months before its launch. What the hell is keeping them from giving it to me!? Pinheads.


that the original preview was total bullshit? ( I have no idea) (2:27)

was bullshit?


oh, I’ve seen the video, doesn’t mean it wasn’t bullshit though.

The rumour is that the support for in-game XMB stuff is already there, but the developers have to specifically opt-in and enable it within the game. Perhaps using it raises the memory requirements enough that they can’t just automatically enable it in all games, or something.

If true, that’s going to make it useless if it’s not reliably available all the time. Sometimes a friend and I just like to chat or fire messages back and forth while we’re hopping in and out of various games. The lack of Dash support in the 360’s BC mode annoys me in the same way.

This is supposedly a preview video of it in action. By a special guest, even!

Edit: They’ve also been working on reducing the memory usage of the XMB components, so maybe they’ll eventually be able to cram it all into the same memory footprint and can then enable it for all games, but that’s pure speculation. That’s part of the risk of not having all your features at least mostly-implemented on day 1 and hoping you can retrofit new stuff in later on…

I am not sure how it would be bullshit. Are you saying the video was faked? or the unit was faked for the review somehow? I highly doubt it.

Likely it was a dev box running a very specific fw version, but I still maintain that it exists somewhere and am wondering why we don’t have it yet.

Ah ok. That I can understand. Or it could very well be it’s more difficult to implement or perhaps part of the main game body has to implement interfaces or what have you and may not be easy or as you said, ups the ante on resources. Well either way it would be a shame if they don’t get this going soon.


There is a game you can download from the japanese store (the cat game) that has in game XMB.


I want hackers to crack the remote power-on-by-wifi functionality and start jacking PS3s all over the world. PLEASE MS DO NOT ADD ANY SUCH FEATURE KTHXBYE.

It’s pretty fucking sad that we are entering the second year of the PS3’s release, and the only things people can get excited over are Folding@Home and firmware updates.

This shows what is amazing about Microsoft’s implementation of the dashboard. They pretty much said: if you want to make an Xbox 360 game you need all of these things (custom soundtracks, dashboard, achievements, etc) and it’s a standard experience across all games.

Actually what they kinda said was “you know what? We think all the games should have all those things so we’re just going to take care of all that. You don’t need to implement it anymore, just use these few standard hooks and we’ll take care of the rest.”

How’s is mandating features showcasing the implementation of MS’ dashboard technology?

Well, Jason said it a lot better than I did. To be perfectly honest, I would have been happier if Sony mandates features (In-game XMB, custom soundtracks, trophies, etc) than leave it up to the developer.

Does it fix the problem with the kittens?

People are excited about Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted as well. Folding @ Home was fucking months ago, Jesus Christ.

Actually, I am also having fun with Heavenly Sword.


I still love me some Warhawk. :)

BTW Calvin, I beat Heavenly Sword last week. As I suspected it was a superb rental. Loved the style as well as the gameplay.

I for one welcome our new kitten overlords.