The Amazing Race on CBS

Did anyone watch this? My wife watched and in the interest of spending good, quality family TV time with her I watched it off and on. Last night was the finale. I guess I could put a spoiler warning before I talk about who won, but I cannot imagine nor want to live in a world where someone records the Amazing Race to make sure and view it later.

Anyway, the winner was a guy/ girl ‘friend’ team. She whined and wanted to quit many times until last night my head was about to implode with the constant bitching, moaning, and threatening to desert her teammate. Unthinking moody witch was going to bail on him without any thought as to how it would affect her ‘best’ friend. The only possible reason he could have put up with her shit is he still thinks he is going to get laid. Well, that and the half million bucks. I am not sure I could take the copious amounts of bitching for 1/2 mil., but a good lay, I guess maybe.

The moral of this story; you can be the laziest, most self-centerd, whiny bitch on the planet and still become rich and famous. And is that not the American Way?

Yeah, I watched it, mostly because I had caught a two hour episode a few weeks back that familiarized me with the final participants. If you want to see the level of rage that Flo inspired, you should check the Television Without Pity forums on the subject – I’m amazed that people can become so emotionally invested in a program that they wept when Flo won. (Tears of hate, apparently.)

Anyhow, Flo was a harridan and a child, but I didn’t mind provided I just thought of her as eye candy. Just be hopeful that she doesn’t go anything important, and remains a PR/marketing flack or whatever she did prior to the show.

Her halter tops did keep me from leaving the room and some of the slow motion, stomping around, pouting shots. I told my wife I knew exactly what she needed and would happily provide it to ‘straighten’ her out. :)

I can just imagine the message board tirades. :lol: My wife wanted them to lose. Badly. Frankly, the old couple annoyed me much more. Poor losers and poor winners when they were in the lead. One of the contestants remarked earlier in the season that he was a great example of the Ugly American. Always bitching at her to hurry and then when she was ahead of him he would shout not to get too far ahead of him. Constantly talking down to people of other countrys when they were guests in those countrys. Ugh! If those two were my parents, I would have run away from home when I was 13.

Arise, thread!!!

I’m surprised this show hasn’t gotten more love around here. This has been one of the best seasons in a long time. Usually the “suspense” at the mat is a trick of editing, but in last night’s leg it seemed genuine and tense.

I’m good with either the Greenies or the Reporters winning. The Papparazzi can kiss my ass.

My wife and I watch the show, me mostly while cooking dinner. I enjoy it for the travel aspects. This season is one of my favorites, mostly due to having blasts of ‘I was there! Potentially at the same time!’ when they were in France and the Netherlands.

I normally have a visceral hate for ‘reality TV’ shows. The kind of depth of disgust one can not express in polite company. This show, however, is a decent watch, though it seems they have moved away from one of my favorite challenges. Driving stick. I don’t remember them having a manual transmission drive at all in the last 2-3 seasons. Heck, I don’t recall them driving at all this season.

I don’t know who started calling shows like TAR and Survivor “reality” shows. They’re game shows, pure and simple. If you’re old enough to remember “Beat the Clock”, Amazing Race is an updated multi-cultural version.

As to show becoming dumbed-down over the years, yes. I remember when clues would consist of no more than a picture of an landmark, and teams had to figure out what it was and where it was located. Now they consist of “Go here, Dummy”.

I label them as such based on how they are shot and edited. That is to say, they deliberately try and maximize the ‘drama’ between people. Even the mechanics of the game show, such as the U-turn, have things attached to them to try and cause squabbling and pettiness. Certainly some do rise above that, but it does get tiring.

Also the team selection. They choose certain personality types to elicit an audience response. Overall I would like the show far better as a pure game show, often the reality TV style editing and framing detract from the show.

And, yeah, I’ve noticed the dumbing down in multiple ways too. It seems really just this season, last one had plenty of more obscure challenges, though I suppose this is a trend that has been moving for a while.

It seemed this season had a lot less “Dumb 'Merrican” shit going on, other than the team (I forget which one) who kept pronouncing The Hague as The Ha-Gooey.

I used to watch but gave up a season or two ago. Maybe I will give it a try. Anyone slingshot a watermelon into their own face?

Same here. Except I gave up about 5 seasons ago, I think.

But if this season had a genuine race to the mat at the end, that really is rare. I used to be a huge fan of the show, and I still remember one episode in Season 4 that had a genuine moment like that. Two teams that had been clashing all season took two different detours in … I can’t remember if it was Indonesia or Malaysia, but anyway, it was a long grueling day for each team, they both made what they thought were game-ending mistakes, and they both kept going because you never know. And what do you know, they got to the road block at the same time. That’s when that fast Amazing Race music cue kicked in, and I remember being so excited. What a fantastic moment, completely coincidental, and genuinely thrilling.

So… Is this show basically on life support?
They reduced the number of seasons a year and the latest one seems to be another desperate experiment to grab some reality tv eyeballs by featuring former reality TV stars from other shows. Last I heard this season was supposed to start last week and now I can’t seem to find a new start date…

The show is growing long in the tooth and its a good idea to shake things up a bit, but I feel they are grasping at the wrong straws (at least for my taste). But its still the only reality tv show I DO watch, so I hope it sticks around.

I recently resorted to watching season 6 of the Canadian Race and the product placement was SOOO in your face that I almost turned off a couple of times. I mean, I understand they need to finance the show and having sponsors is part of the deal, but when the roadblocks are basically just uncreative ads for companies, then perhaps its best to call it quits.

Anyone else still watching the Races?

I came back to the show last season. I really enjoyed it. So yeah, I’m back in, and I hope they keep going.

I was wondering if a new season would be starting soon, as they are usually concurrent with Survivor, but contestants from other reality shows?

No, thanks.