The Amazon Prime Group Signup Thread

We can join up into groups of 4 to split the cost of an Amazon Prime membership. When the first person signs up, he adds the emails of the other three as family/friends, and everyone gets Amazon Prime for the year.

Anyway, it’s an $80 sign-up fee, so we can do the math.

I certainly want to be in a group. So does CalvinGT. Jab2565 was kind of non-committal.

The idea started here:

I’ll start off the first group. As soon as we get the foursome finalized, three people can Paypal me, and I’ll do “the needful!”

I started Amazon prime in mid-May, so if anybody wants to join my pro-rated Prime membership, you can give me $14.81.

I thought you could only sign people up at the same address. Have they changed it? I signed up with my upstairs neighbors.

You can sign up with anyone. SomethingAwful has been doing this for a while.

I’ll do that. I’m moggraider at hotmail dot com on Amazon and Paypal. Just let me know how to pay you.

Okay, I joined JPR, but the rest of you guys are welcome to create your own foursomes.

All you need to do is activate Amazon Prime on one person’s account, then enter the emails and birthdays of your buddies. Your buddies get invitation emails, and then they enter your birthday and they’re good to go.