The Amazon Prime Video thread

And such a weird thing to capitalize on too.

Teenage suicide, woohoo! Let’s turn it into a series and go full on merch.

Oops, I have been keeping that in the back of my mind too!

It has Emma Roberts in it so I will watch it. But it looks so dumb.

Good god that looks terrible.

I’m curious - what has Emma Roberts been in where she’s had a good performance? I’ve only seen her in is American Horror Story (tv show.) Her acting was on par with Kim Kardashian’s.

I liked her in Scream IV, but Space Cadet looks absolutely dreadful.

What? No one wants to watch this?

I will admit to enjoying the first film. Not as much as I expected to, but I still had fun watching. I’ll probably watch this one too. Seems like they got a bunch of the cast back including Edward Norton and Dave Krumholtz as the bagel and lavash odd couple.

I hadn’t heard anything about it.

I enjoyed the first one very much.


I just started this. 10 minutes in and there is a food orgy…and I don’t mean the Qt3 version where we talk about pizza (pineapple is clearly the best topping).

It is cruder than I remember the movie being, which makes sense I suppose. The movie took a while to get to orgies and homosexual sex, this gets right into it.


this series is bizarre, crazy, and fun.

The antagonist is a fat, ugly orange that likes getting his arsehole licked, and is a greedy (avaricious) bully who corrupts everything.

The series is a not too subtle look at our societies.