The American Dark Age (2016-2020) An archived history of the worst President ever

So naive!

Washington Post mapped the global liberal conspiracy against Trump in a chart.

They’ve forgotten to include “Most of the US electorate”.

So now his “defense” is that Billy Bush egged him on.

I’m sure that’s a yuge plus for negotiating with foreign powers.

“Why did you nuke Isreal?!”
“Iran egged me on. Didn’t want to, but they just wouldn’t let up.”

Throwing him under the bus, as it were.

(Oddly enough though, the Access Hollywood tapes hasn’t hurt Trump with Republican voters, not even the supposedly morally upstanding Evangelical White Republicans. Go figure.)

Edit: Twitter strikes again - #BillyBushMadeMe

When the President of the United States fails to live up the ideals of the office, he needs to be able to pick himself up, look the nation in the eye, and say with confidence: “But guuuuuuuuyyyyyssss, the other kids maaaaaade me do it!”

Welp, there goes my appetite. #whydidIwatchthat?

Apologies, everyone. I’ve added a cautionary .gif.

Ha, no worries I was just being playful. :-)

Haha, yes, I know. I just wanted an excuse to make a Gary Oldman .gif! :D

So, Trump just tweeted about something that is… something a reasonable person would like to see and care about. So basically like… a campaign promise or something.

I mean, it’s a piece of policy with something resembling a plan and is something reasonable people can actually talk about. Now if he could just muster this effort for everything else.

every time i watch clips of his rally speeches, it makes me furious that he’s able to lie unchallenged.

Wait, is the first line really

"That’s Why I’m Proposing A Package Of Ethics Reforms To Make Our Government Honest Once Again.”.

There is no way he wrote that with a straight face.

Well I’m sure he didn’t write any of it, but he presumably signed off on it.

My money’s on Ivanka waiting until he’s nodded off watching football and then stealing the phone.

Do we have a place to bet around here. I’m thinking he won’t be able to remember what he signed-off on in 3-5 days or he’ll back-peddle on one of the points.