The American Dark Age (2016-2020) An archived history of the worst President ever

Pretty sure point #2 will be stickler for most of the GOP (and Dems for that matter).
Or #3, so they can do #2 and have it mean nothing.

What’s the over/under these will appear in a Trump speech soon:

Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide

EDIT: I better offer an explanation for these just in case.
1st link: Obvious fake news site (the URL alone is sufficient to understand that. The comments though demonstrate just how gullible and weak minded many people are.)
2nd link: The source for that story is a tweet from someone in CA claiming to be a postal worker in OH. Didn’t stop Drudge from running it as front page news.)

I really have resisted posting anything in this forum, but there is something I must say. Feel free to call me fucking crazy if you like.

Basically for a few years I have had a feeling that the end of Obama’s presidency would be the drawing of some kind of line, basically historians of the future would look back at this point of time and say this is when “it” began to manifest itself. This has nothing to do with Obama or his decisions. Its just a marker in time.

So what is “it”? We are at the very beginning of the very end of the american democracy as we know it. Hopefully this will take decades to unfold because the longer it takes the less turbulent the transition to whatever comes next will be.
I say this now, because of all the crap that is happening to the republican party, the numerous BS with Donald Trump, especially the extremely dangerous “The election is rigged” bullshit, and now this, about the pledge of the united states. It matters not what side you are on here. What does matter is that there are sides and a deeply divided nation just had a wedge shoved into that division to make it even wider.

However, none of this is going to go away after November 8th. I just hope that it will be peaceful and domestic terrorism / violent protests will not become a thing we read / hear about on a regular basis.

FWIW, you’re not alone in that anxiety.

Considering how broken our “democracy” is, that may not necessarily be a bad thing. Bernie Sanders based his campaign on beginning a “political revolution” and that idea proved to be quite popular. Unfortunately the nomination processed muted that message. From our two party system and how they run, to gerrymandering and the electoral college, the truth is democracy in the US is mostly illusionary and has been for a very long time. Things do need to change and hopefully that change can take place within the system in place and not through external actions of violence.

Bernie Sander’s “revolution” wasn’t popular enough to even get the majority of Democrats to support it. He has some very good points, but in the end the majority of America doesn’t want a revolution. It makes good TV, but he only got about 40% of about 50% of voters to support him.

You will perhaps reconsider when you see what comes afterwards.

So 40% of the voters on the left want a revolution, and 40% of the voters on the right want a revolution.

Since Trump has mainstreamed conspiracy theories, how many of you remember the internet legend of John Titor? If you go back and look at his predictions, it’s like he was 10 years early on all of them.

I remember reading this guy’s posts back in college. TL;DR, he claimed to be a time traveler from 2036 who came back in time to get some old computer that was needed to fix a bug in the Unix kernel. While he was here, he stopped off to visit his family because in the future they’re all dead, casualties of the 2nd American Civil War. Basically the political turmoil turns into riots turns into police crackdowns turns into armed insurrection turns into nuclear war with Russia because they back the rebels.

Calling Sander’s supporters all in favor of ‘revolution’ in the same sense as the actual extremists (on both sides) is ludicrous. Sander’s primary demographics were younger, white, fairly educated Americans. They are not starting a civil war over student loans or unpaid internships.

They are reformists. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have faith in their convictions or that they don’t want sweeping reforms, but they were not and are not trying to change our fundamental political system.

An obvious data point for this is that over 90% of them are now supporting Clinton. At the very most you could say that 10% of 40% of voters on the left want a revolution, but I think that 4% is extremely high still.

Similar thing with Trump. The vast majority actually want the status quo (or their idealized 30 years ago status quo) to remain.

IMHO most of the people screaming for a revolution have no clue what a real revolution would be like. Nor would they participate if it ever happened.

I’ve said this before.

A revolution comprised of uneducated, fat, old, white people would be the shortest revolution in the history of the earth.

We already saw a preview of it.

So the revolution will need snacks.

Get Off My Lawn will be the rallying cry of the revolution.

The fight will be over which lawn is whose.

All lawns should be public lawns! Except my lawn. That lawn is mine. But all the others, those are public. The gubment got no right to tell me that the other lawns ain’t my lawn.

Make landscaping great again!

Those sound like words used by Mexican rapists.

So basically “the system is rigged” is Trump’s default for anytime people don’t choose him.

Whoa, a John Titor appearance! I guess this is the thread for it! :)

And can I be the one to reply to the hand-wringing about our “democracy” being broken by rolling out the chestnut that we’re not a democracy, we’re a constitutional republic? Because it’s kind of an important detail. I know, I know, rshetts put democracy in quotes, so he probably doesn’t need me to get all pedant on him. But as I’ve said elsewhere, I think the system as a whole is working exactly like it should. The only thing that’s broken is the Republican Party.


I agree with all that you’ve said here. Tom. Democracy is commonly used to describe our governmental system but it is indeed misapplied. The political “revolution” that Sanders has been fostering is not really about changing the government’s functionality, it is instead more about changing governmental focus. Regarding the Republican party, we have reached an era where the Republican party has discovered that governing as intended means publically announced obstructionism and wielding the ability to shut down the government like a pissed off 10 year old. The Republican party freely opened their doors to the lunatic fringe and now the entire country is paying for their lack of vision.