The American Dark Age (2016-2020) An archived history of the worst President ever

I’ve given up a tremendous amount to run for president. I gave up two more seasons of Celebrity Apprentice.

Well, it’s really a loss for all of humanity.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

For pity’s sake. Surely he can’t imagine that a “taco bowl” is authentic Mexican food, can he?

I’m not going to give him much guff over that. Most of the US citizenry that celebrates Cinco de Mayo does it by having taco nite or drinking Coronas.

I just thought the juxtaposition of Trump, a taco salad on a serving plate, and “I love Hispanics” was funny.

Vote for me, I totally didn’t mean it!

The Cinco de Mayo tweet is just pure genius. It infuriates all of the people who don’t matter one bit in terms of votes, gets more Donald-time in the media, and gives his supporters one more thing to high five about. Go, Trump! Go!

Hahahahaha that is my favorite tweet holy shit. This fuckin guy

I’ve decided to just enjoy the ride. Like Major Kong.

Seriously, Mel Brooks and Buck Henry imagining funny Donald Trump tweets might have thought of this, but then would’ve decided it was too over the top.

Jesus guys, get your shit together. That’s clearly an Instagram, uhhhh. . . Insta. Not a tweet!


My wife’s job did it right. They had a big pinata filled with airline bottles of booze. I shit you not.

The only thing missing is a party store sombrero.


He tweeted the same thing, so there.

Here’s the best part. It turns out the Trump Tower Grill does not have Taco Salads or Taco Bowls on their menu.

Someone called to ask if they were serving one for Cinco de Mayo. They’re not.

It’s being served in the Trump Cafe which is decidedly less upscale.

It will still be classy and elegant. Believe me.

(over/under for this thread by Nov 8th? I’ve got 47 pages)

I pretty much disagree with all of this. ;)

See, dumb stuff like this by Trump didn’t matter too much during primary season. Dude is fishing in a pond that contains predominantly white, native-born voters. From April 26 onward, though, he’s working a completely different contest. And now he’s in a contest where there are drives going on in California and Nevada and Florida (and soon to expand to Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc) to get immigrants naturalized and get them their voting rights before the deadline. In California alone, they’re up to 180,000 new citizens who have registered to vote through the organized push. It’s a bill being footed by a variety of labor sources, and immigration lawyers are also donating a ton of time to work pro bono.

And with white vote declining from 2012 and Latino and black vote increasing in 2016, Donald Trump can’t afford to even piss around with the margins. Sure, he’s not going to win minority voters, but even the difference between, say, getting 20% of the Latino vote and 35% is, as Donald would say, “Yuge.” And goofy crap like this is not just hilariously tone-deaf. It also stratifies voter opinion. There are an awful lot of moderate to conservative Latino voters who might give him consideration, but he won’t stop insulting them and dismissing their culture, and they’re just going to end up being pushed away by him to default votes for Clinton.

And I’ve also seen Trump and other pundits put that notion forward, that Donald doesn’t need to fundraise or dump tons of money into this race to win, because he’ll get “free publicity” from the networks. I mean, I hope he believes that, I really do. But this race is going to be decided by demographics, voter registration, and GOTV, and those latter two things are very expensive, require a strong, well-run (and frankly monolithic) organization. They’re also dull, unsexy, and don’t make for good news stories, and I think Donald Trump is inherently disinterested in it.

A propos:

I know words. I have the best words.

I realize this is a thread about stupid things he has said, but consider that he has said some smart things that nobody in the republican party would admit to being true.

Things like that the Iraq war was a mistake, 9/11 happened (and not under Obama’s term), stupid bathroom laws are stupid, politicians are corrupt when they take bribes, the election process is somewhat rigged, Ben Carson’s knife story was moronic, etc etc.

I really hope you are correct about his lack of political infrastructure making his campaign a non-starter, Trig. It would be nice to see him just get slaughtered in the general election.

However, the dude’s campaign just defies logic at every opportunity.

Trump tells West Virginians at a rally tonight not to vote in the primary. “Save your votes for the general election.”