The American Dream

A cartoon explains why the United States economy is doomed to failure.

The American Dream

I’m 4.5 minutes in, and this is pretty fucking stupid. And I say that as someone who is pretty hostile to the modern financial sector.

Is there some point during this 30 minute video that offers some insight? I mean I guess that’s unfair, I’m barely more than 10% through this thing… But what’s my point of no return re deciding this is a waste of my time?

edit: 7 minutes in and it looks like we’re going into standard anti-fed stuff. Is there any bit of original thought in this video?

~8:10 minutes: we go totally into anti-fed wackjob territory. I check out. OMG FIAT CURRENCY SO CRAZY!!! WE NEED OGLD STANDARD!

No, it’s just a cartoon.

Edit: I posted it here since I am curious what people think of it and didn’t want to derail the youtube thread.

So you created a new post to link to “just a cartoon” that offers no insight whatsoever? Or…?

Cute, but this is propaganda, check the wiki-link on Rothschild for example.
Gold is no cure for our problems, a rock dug out of the earth has no more value or ability to create a stable financial market than salt or rice.
Financial growth would be limited to how much you can dig out…

The US economy may be doomed to failure, but it’s not because of anything this video talks about.

I posted it for the very reason you are responding-I was curious what people thought of it. It’s not my political message, nor was my attempt at a single sentence summary.