The animation show

Go see this when it comes to your city. It’s only playing in seattle until tomorrow evening. Mike Judge(Office Space, Beavis and Butthead) and Don Herdzfeldt(Rejected, Billy’s ballon, Ah L’amour).

How can you go wrong?

Saw it last weekend at the Varsity. It was pretty cool. I went to see Herdzfeldt’s stuff, and was pretty satisfied by just that. Coolest bit, IMO? The Cathedral, which while starting, I as saying to myself ‘ho hum, here’s the requisite CGI bit’, and by the end was completely blown away.

I was surprised that so many people were laughing so much at ‘Rejected’- like they’d never seen it before. Why else would you be there?

My anus…IS BLEEDING!!!

I hadn’t seen “Rejected” before and I just went and looked it up after seeing that it was the same guy who did Ah L’amour and that scene was hilarious for me. Probably becuase my anus actually is bleeding (I had surgery to remove a pilonidal cyst, and the wound hasn’t healed.)

Good times. That’s your gross out for today.

P.S. Anders Hallin, can we get some Nebulous cartoon lesbianism in this thread and make it even more creepy?

I refuse to be stereotyped thus.

The best way to get out of any conversation ever…