The apology for Cyberpunk 2077 is the most un-cyberpunk thing you'll see this week

I think they just didn’t test it… because it was nowhere near ‘done’. To get it out the door without delaying the official “release date” again. For whatever reason, they decided this was the better option.

I love that their roadmap just basically says they’re going to be fixing the game for all of 2021, and it ends at 2022, so what you don’t see is that potentially they’ll be fixing things in 2022 as well.

It’s the dumbest “roadmap” I’ve seen. Like, why even bother? Does anyone looking at this thing think it’s a good roadmap? It’s about as detailed as the underpants gnomes’ plan.

But it’s a cut above a roadmap to a roadmap, so…score 1?

And, i guess, it was also actually released so…score 2?

Despite being dumb, a lot of people will likely feel some relief. It’s something concrete they can point to and complain at, even if it’s kind of meaningless.

It’s a big step above the Star Citizen roadmap at least.

Haha, reminds me of:

President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.

Got lucky on my 100 hour playthrough and had only minor bugs. If I had been living under a rock and hadn’t heard anything about the game until after I finished I would have been shocked by the uproar. I had some UI elements get stuck on the screen (maybe five times) that required a save and reload, but other than that it was a pretty normal open world experience from a glitch perspective. Played on a pretty beefy PC though (2080rtx) and I’m not super sensitive to frame rate. Anyway, a super fun and addictive game for me. Pretty much consumed all of my free time for the past 3-4 weeks.

It reminds me of Roman era maps, which are basically just straight lines with town names at semi-arbitrary points along them. Just keep going and you’ll get there eventually.

Yep, it’s a graphical representation of “we will release two updates fixing the bug and over the rest of the year you will have more free dlc, updates and the next gen udpate”.

CDPR always sucked at apologies. Anyone remember the repenting monks after the GOG end-of-beta publicity stunt?

So yeah, this apology was not particularly bad but not particularly good, but I’m more interested in their actions. I hope they pull a Hello Games on Cyberpunk.

I imagine testing was complicated by the coming and going (mostly the latter) of features as they neared release. I can also imagine that some of the glitches may be related to dependencies on things that got cut, and can see a QA manager calling an audible and telling the team to ignore the set of bugs associated with axing this or that and just focus on the more general issues (of which there were so many that they could not get to them all).

2022 is going to happen, probably.

The talk about testers not seeing all the problems combines very nice with reviews having to only use CDPR video without showing their own.

Anyway, I dare anyone to find any letsplay of this game on any platform that has 20 consequitive minutes of gameplay with no obvious bugs.

CDPR or their PR firm knew exactly what they were doing to get that initial 90+ Metacritic review score before release. Laser targeted specific reviewers, only let them play the PC version, sent review codes with less than a week to play, only allowed video they provided (which made sure all early reviews were written/textual), and so on. It was quite masterful how they gamed the system before the full game was out in the wild.

I guess as an apology it works for some gamers, but I thought it was milquetoast overall.

Acknowledging the broken state of some versions of the game isn’t a big achievement. We knew that. Publicly confirming it is the bare minimum.

Pointing at the old consoles (as if it’s their fault for existing) also seems to be a bit of a curveball in that the implied message here is that the PC version is largely alright. It’s in better shape than what PS4/Xbox One players get served, but it’s not like there aren’t any major glitches or that it delivers everything previous marketing efforts promised. (Not saying it’s a bad game overall - plenty of people here seem to have a good time regardless of the bugs and missing elements.)

That said, there are two big negative points here. Firstly, they’re obviously not commenting on the console embargo restrictions. The intentions of which are very clear. They knew very well what they were shipping, and they did their best to game the scores. Secondly, throwing the QA crew under the bus is not a good look. I’m am fairly certain the state of the game is not down to QA not finding issues.

There’s a difference between “obvious bugs” and “in no fit state to release”. Unfortunately, most games launch with bugs, especially big open world RPGs. What you don’t want is stuff that is majorly gamebreaking in some way, like breaking quests or quest chains, crashing to desktop (or even hard rebooting the system), corrupting saves, etc.

And yes, Cyberpunk has demonstrated plenty of bugs like that for some folks. I’m lucky in that I haven’t been one of them.

OK, I have to say that I was fooled by the update. I was here nodding my head, thinking wow that all sounds reasonable, free stuff and patches, and then y’alls just unmasked the meatgrinder and now I can suddenly see that it just says "We’re going to patch it (patch 1.1), and patch it again (patch 1.2), and then… patch it with DLC? and patch it with an update? I probably would still be a bit more confused about what the huffiness was about if I didn’t also recall all the detailed roadmaps just posted to the action roguelike thread and then realised …oh yeah, there’s not actually any content on this roadmap lol.

THANKSALOT you guys for taking away the emperor’s new clothes ;)

Naturally, there are bugs in every game. Nothing major broke for me. Sometimes I had to reload the game before some missing script trigger to continue the game. Some of the stats didn’t seem to work.

The point is, you might play some games, never see any bug and still, thousands of players would encounter game breaking bugs preventing them from completing the said game. It’s all anecdotal so you can’t ever think your own playthrough is representative. But the quality of CP2077 shows extremely low quality on every platform. They didn’t find time to fix glitching animations in major story cutscenes that appear reliably. You bet they didn’t fix a million bugs that are harder to reproduce and break saves. All those minor inconsequential bugs show is a dead giveaway of extremely low code quality.

The pounding radio jam in the scav rescue prologue mission being always-on (and not able to be turned off via the non-operational radio) is one glaring thing.

I consider that a major issue myself. Who knows how many “non-blocking” triggers you missed that robbed you of some part of a quest, or something of the sort? Or quests that never triggered and you never knew of their existence? Or world-shattering changes that should have been triggered by a quest completion but weren’t?

The biggest problem with Cyberpunk 2077 right now - and what convinced me to uninstall - is that you can’t possibly know what you’re missing because of bugs. If I play wondering all the time if I’m missing something because of bugs, then I’d rather not play at all.

In everyone’s favorite choice & consequence mission of retrieving the MacGuffin device from the heavily augmented dudes (The Pickup?) when I went into their building every single enemy was in full attack mode shooting at me before I even walked through the door. I thought that was just how the mission went and they were pissed at me. The only way I figured out my game’s scripting severely broke was because I also had a major graphical glitch that made the whole screen blurry and pixelated. In trying to troubleshoot the graphical error and rolling back many saves I discovered that my game state was broken and that you were supposed to waltz right through their compound in a peaceful state to talk with their leader. I might have never known that if I wasn’t trying to unfuck other bugs and would have just massacred the entire compound since every single dude was in full-on combat mode. That is, if the game even let my character/scripting advance.