The Apple Gaming Mac

Grain of salt, but this is floating around. Some “report” came out that Apple is working on a gaming machine, and everyone jumped on it. Lots of skepticism. Lots.

Unless Apple was about to expand Arcade to MacOS, I don’t see any reason they’d care one bit about gaming on Mac. They never have before.

I’d have to be drunker than Gruber on this week’s episode of The Talk Show to believe this.

Out of curiosity, why isn’t this in the gaming forum with the other console/gaming machine threads? I’m not being forum police, I’m just an Enquiring mind and I want to know.

As for a gaming Mac, I don’t really see the point with a service like Stadia taking over the world. Hardware is for scrubs.

From the report, it wouldn’t be a “console.” It’d be a high-end Mac, starting at $2K and going up to $5K.

Pfft, I’m not paying 5K for Apple’s walled garden gaming console unless there’s also a $1,000 controller charging stand that’s also shipping on day one.

It always has been on macOS.

What if you could add $400 wheels?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t just a newly designed professional workstation with a high end GPU and someone who has no idea what they are talking about think GPUs only mean gaming.

Well the article says an “all in one” or a laptop. So it’s an iMac Pro or MacBook Pro with a better video card. The article is full of sh*t. If they are going to make stuff up for page views, they should at least try.

It would have been a little more believable if they had said it was a tower where they used the tech they developed for the Mac Pro on a prosumer model.

I had to Google this to understand the reference. I wish I didn’t.

That doesn’t seem that unbelievable. It sounds like a surface studio, which is 100% not for gaming but is powerful all-in-one for artists. And those are $4k.

Sure, but both of these computers already exist. From I have read the 16" MacBook Pro is a screamer. And the iMac Pro just needs an update. I can believe they would do what you are saying, but the article isn’t pointing at that.

I think a lot of folks are also forgetting that there are very few games even available for MacOS and none of them require a $5k machine to play. This whole thing makes no sense.

Apart from the rumor, I think it would be cool if Apple’s pro workflow team included professional gamers providing feedback about streaming, performance, peripherals, Boot Camp, etc.

My Steam library has 425 games in it. 303 of them have Mac versions (never mind about a quarter of those are 32 bit and won’t run anymore). Most of the big publishers put out Mac versions nowadays. Not to mention Bootcamp is pretty easy to do.

There are MacOS versions of just over 30 of the top 100 selling games on Steam. More than I expected, but not exactly a show of force. And only two in the top 25 games - Stardew Valley and Rust.

And Bootcamp is easy, but Apple isn’t going to make a special Mac for people to use Bootcamp to play games.

Threads about gaming computers are often found here, for example Alienware news, stusser’s recommended PC builds, etc.

Good to know. I typically only come in here for help with Discourse bugs.