The Apple Tablet - rumors and specualtion

As someone who has owned an iPhone for a while now, I’m probably less likely than ever to buy an Apple tablet if it follows the iPhone model of being locked down to the ‘AppStore’ (and nothing else, unless you jailbreak it) model.

This model wasn’t TOO horrible on the iPhone at first because it was at least better than the status quo given how much US carriers lock their cellphone functionality down historically, but the closer they get to building PC-like general purpose devices that have such tight controls on distribution of software the less I’m interested in giving them any of my money.

But not at a 60% markup. That’s my issue here. What are they targetting with this device? If it’s just a bigger iTouch at a hefty price, this isn’t going to work. Sure, it will sell because it has an Apple emblem on it, but they aren’t going to have great success unless it’s got a gimmick. Something that only it can do that the other options cannot.

I didn’t think Apple could sell $1999 laptops in modernity either, yet here we are. I no longer am willing to say that any Apple product is too expensive to be successful.

Typical Apple fanboy bullshit. Font rendering, in addition to being very different on different displays, is largely a matter of personal preference. I can’t stand Apple’s font rendering; everything looks fuzzy and bold. ClearType, on the other hand, looks great to me.

Typical snarky Apple hater bullshit response. And I should know because I hate Apple for multiple reasons. But if I can’t have an opinion about their font rendering then neither can you, Microsoft fanboy.


I can’t like ClearType without being a Microsoft fanboy? I get annoyed by people constantly creaming themselves over Apple and fonts. When you unequivocally state “Apple’s font rendering is better than Microsoft’s,” when in fact the quality of the two technologies is entirely subjective, I call you out on it.

People that were willing to pay more to begin with are probably more willing to continue to do so anyway. To apply the usual car analogy, the introduction of the Yugo/Fit/Yaris/whatever didn’t suddenly cause BMW owners to go “Oooh, I’d better get one of those instead!”

Tablets are still a pretty immature field, though, so there isn’t really a good baseline for what people are willing to pay yet.

No, you can like it without being a Microsoft fanboy, just like I can vastly, vastly prefer Apple’s font rendering without being an Apple fanboy. See how that works?

If you assume people stating their opinions on something that’s obviously subjective all think they’re Moses passing down the word of Almighty God to the heathens this Internet thing isn’t going to work out too well for you.

You’re not stating your opinion if you don’t state it as an opinion.

Truer words were never spoken.

Is that a fact?

I don’t know if you could have picked a more inherently subjective topic than font rendering to go apeshit about. Let me get this straight: If I say chocolate is a much better flavor than vanilla, you’re going to assume I think that’s an objectively true, scientifically verifiable fact and “call me out” for my chocolate fanboy bullshit?

That’s terrific.

It is not necessary to state that something is your opinion when it is obvious that you are stating an opinion. For example, when making a subjective judgment on the relative merits of different font rendering systems, it is not necessary to explain that your judgment is opinion because it obviously is, regardless of whether you say (or think) that it is. This is why movie reviewers do not constantly append “in my opinion” to the various statements of opinion in their reviews.

Yeah, the problem isn’t that he stated his opinion as a fact; the problem is that his opinion is objectively and provably false, because Mac font rendering is blurry bullshit.

Yes, I will in fact read the words you choose. It doesn’t matter what the fuck you “meant” if the words you used to convey that meaning actually convey something else.

There have been a few failures, for a funny comparison though, the Apple Newton, which surprisingly, also had an ARM processor.

I agree with you lately though, they are printing money, but to a small market share. When you release a new product to market, you usually want to increase market share, otherwise you just take away from potential sales of your already existing market. That’s why I’m hoping it has a nice gimmick to it.

You obviously won’t read the words I choose since I specifically used the word "I’ in that sentence instead of “anyone” or “everyone” or “all sentient beings” or even “cool people.” So your reading comprehension is nil or you’re a raging asshole or both and at this point I’ve formed an opinion about it but am afraid to share it for fear of being “called out” as a sinfony hateboy.

I doubt there would be significant consequences to your being labeled as such.

One of the nice gimmicks that would sell me on a tablet is complimentary cell Internet access like the Kindle has. It will never happen, but one can dream.

That would be an awesome gimmick. But with that would come an extra price that would push it way over what it would be worth I’m afraid. I would rather it had great wireless and perhaps the option of broadband wireless? I’m not sure how you would get the carriers involved without fucking it up though. They charge waaaaaay too much for data plans these days, and they already complain about how much network traffic the iPhones cause.

You could always cap it. Any file over X megabytes can only be transferred over Wi-Fi or something so it’s useful for browsing or grabbing books or checking email but you can’t stream all day on it.