The Apprentice: Season 4

Well I don’t usually follow The Apprentice but I caught last nights episode and…

[color=white]Donald selected 4 people for the board room (instead of letting the program manager pick two others) and fired all of them.[/color]
**end spoilers **

I think last nights big reveal raises some interesting question on how they are going to finish the season.

I lost interest. Too much shameless pandering and corporate shilling.

I’m still watching, though it’s gotten worse with each season. Actually, this season is a little better than last.

Lats night’s episode was interesting because, for the first time, you sort of had the sense that Trump’s decision had nothing to do with ratings or good TV, rather his business instincts kicked in. He seemed genuinely offended by what happened and the failure of those responsible.

Good episode last night. But for the season, only 2 of the characters are really memorable/distinctive - the girl on crutches and the older inventor guy who talks too much.

The contestants are pretty pathetic this season. This from a guy who walks around the office on Thursdays giving people the “old school” Cobra, by the way. It’s almost humorous because Trump was involved with the selection this time around, whereas previously he’s had his staff pick the show’s contestants. And when he’s involved: worst dorks evar.

Which could very well be his intention, to boost publicity and hence ratings.